Reading Royals

Through the Year 1997




Tiffany Wise        -        Bronze

Sarah Hale


Chloe Huggins       -     Silver

Kirsty Johnson       -     Bronze


Emily Clayton        -      (4th)


Jennifer Murtagh   -     Gold

Abi Moore               -     Silver

Jo Hooper, Katie Ford, Claire Butler, Hannah Ford


Kelly-Anne Wise      -    Gold

Kate Coupar              -    Bronze

Krestina Hayes, Carla Dalton


12&Under   Reading               -   Gold

13/14yrs     Reading              -    Gold

15/16yrs     Reading              -   Gold

17&Over      Reading              -   Silver



Tiffany Wise        -       (4th)

Sarah Hale


Chloe Huggins       -     Silver


Emily Clayton        -    Bronze


Abi Moore               -   Gold

Jennifer Murtagh   -   Silver              

Jo Hooper               -    Bronze

Claire Butler


Kelly-Anne Wise      -    Gold

Kate Coupar              -    Bronze

Krestina Hayes, Carla Dalton       

Southern Counties Age Groups

Crystal Palace- 9th & 22nd February

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Chloe Huggins & Kirsty Johnson    -      Gold


Emma Beasley & Kerrie-Ann Grant -   Bronze


Katie Ford & Hannah Ford               -     Gold

Claire Butler & Jo Hooper                -     Silver

17& Over

Kate Coupar & Kelly-Ann Wise       -     Gold

Michelle Saunders & Krestina Hayes -  Bronze

photo:andrew head


12&Under  Duet    -     Chloe Huggins & Kirsty Johnson

15/16yrs  Team      -      Reading Royals


12&under Figures & Solo      -   Chloe Huggins

15/16yrs Figures  & Solo        -   Abi Moore

12 & Under Team                   -   Reading Royals

13/14yrs Team                        -    Reading Royals

Chloe Huggins                                           Abi Moore

13/14's                                                                                                               12&unders

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National Age Groups

Exeter - 8/9th March


Berks & South Bucks

Rickmansworth, May

Potters Bar Novice - June

Scan here lightened as much as possible but photos not of good quality

Article from British Newspaper Archive

Two Reading Royal swimmers, Amy Forster amd Janna Callan in the squad  this time, for the trip to Moscow. GB swam Solo, Duet and Team and were ranked 16th,14th and 14th respectively.

Full results at the bottom of the section.

Pictures very hard to come by!

Right we have the squad in Red Square and practising a lift in training.

Below we have the swimmers' memories of the trip. Only they will know who made which:-


The following are memories written by the Junior team. Only the spelling has been corrected!!

"Swapping with other countries was excellent. "Swap star". When we arrive in Moscow I couldn't believe the size of ourhotel and when we arrived at the pool, it was huge as well, so I decided Moscow was BIG!!! Unfortunately our showers were a bit temperamental, washing more of our bathroom than any person"

"Found the underground exciting and ornate. They were crowded 24 hours a day with hot people. The escalators were rapid and a few of us found them difficult to catch. Most momings we had a ride in the lift. lt was interesting to see the other countries and we were shocked with the standard. The Korean duet was amazing and I felt privileged to have seen it."

"Moscow was certainly not what I expected it to be like. My expectations of Russia in general have been altered, except having to eat the same things for breaKast, lunch and tea! lt made me grateful that I had bought food (yummy!). The strandard at this junior Worlds proves that the World is constantly on the move to high class synchro. Thanks to all the parents who supported us. lt was a great help. Junior Squad '97 has been a great laugh and travelling to Moscow made

it better. Some of my memories: Katherine's laughing fits in the middle of the night! Hearing Kathryn Pounder's life story,Vanessa belching in my ear and the earphone joke, Amy constantly complaining, and strong opinions, Lynsey and Deb wanting to swap everything except their knickers, Nat and Ver being a good laugh all the time, Kerry feeling all right and Carolyn being chatted up by some dodgy Russian  bloke!"

"Moscow is certainly an experience I will never forget. The country and the standard of competition were both amazing and it made me feel quite privileged to be one of the many competitors. The country itself was not as I expected. We visited Red Square and saw the most amazing Cathedrals and of course the Kremlin. The American team were really friendly and we learnt a lot about their training scheme. The first lift in their routine was really breathtaking. Some of the routines were too excellent for words (including the Korean duet who received a standing ovation frcm all the other countries). The most memorable parts of the trip . . . A mysterious bin in the lift (Katherine and Sarahll). . . Carolyn's dancing experiences and the savers club (Debbie, Lynsey and me!!). I really enjoyed the competition and leamt a lot from it."

"We thought it was a good omen for the Seniors that the movie Evita was shown on the plane because they swim to it."

"We won't forget Amy and her lip balm."

"We loved Moscow! apart from being stuck in between metro doors and having Russian dolls thrown at me from every direction. l've really enjoyed myself and the food left a lot to be desired but who cares, not us. Best bits . . . laughing my head off every day in a rcom with Nat. . . l've learnt that a little bit of Deep Heat goes a long way, literally!! Korea are cool!!"

"Well, Moscow was brill, we all had a great laugh. The squad really got on well and I though we were good as a team. Who would have believed that Verity and me would be next to each other in the figures!! The atmosphere at the competition was excellent, it made me proud to be there. As for the food, the best thing I had was MacDonalds. It was the only warm thing all week. The USA training costumes were really nice. I'm glad I've got one. But altogether the competition was excellent and I learnt a lot about the standard of other countries."

"l've learnt so much this week. I think that flat splits would come in handy in the future. l'm very grateful for being able to sign our flag. Here's to the next Junior Worlds. We'll knock their nose clips off and Win, Win, Win (in our dreams).'

"It's sad that we have to leave our friends that we have got on so well with in the last 6 months. Good luck to the next Junior Team. Thanks to all the supporters that came over, you were a great help."

"One of the most memorable things would have been swimming the team which we had worked on for so long. Although we were disappointed not to reach the finals it felt the best swim we had ever done (and we had done a lot).We really enjoyed swimming for our country. I know the Korean duet has already been mentioned, but it was the most amazing thing we had ever seen. The atmosphere of the audience brought smiles to our faces. The team got on really well and had loads of laughs.

"The main difference between internationals and national championships is the support that all the countries give to each other not just their own. I think there is only one thing I will remember from this trip and that was the standing ovation that was given to the Korean duet. lt was amazing for the audience to feel so strongly about the same routine. 

When I carried the flag on the parade I felt privileged to be there on behalf of my Country."


PHOTO : J Gray


Junior World Championships

Moscow 29th June- 2nd July

Club Competition - Central Pool, July

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Images : Evening Post - British Newspaper Archives 18th July 1997

GB were ranked 10th in the Solo, 10th in the duet and 8th in Team. Full results at the bottome of the section.

Katie Hooper was the sole RR swimmer in Seville for the Euros. She swam duet (with Adele Carlsen) and team.

GB Free Routine  HERE

Music "Strictly Ballroom"

'The last few months have been exciting times with the GB Junior Squad in Moscow and the Seniors at the European Chamionships in Seville, although results in both were quite disappointing and it must be time to reflect on the development of synchro.

Our results have shown that our best is not at a high enough level and we really have to set expectations higher. This does demand greater excellence in coaching. It does not necessarily mean more hours. It is quality of training rmore than quamtity that is required.'


European Championships

Seville  - August 13/17th

GB Selection-September



Katie Hooper      -         Bronze

Kelly-Ann Wise, Abi Moore, Kate Coupar, Janna Callan


Abi Moore   -                Silver

Jennifer Murtagh   -   Bronze


Katie Hooper              -    Gold

Kelly-Ann Wise, Abi Moore, Janna Callan, Kate Coupar, Jennifer Murtagh, Amy Foster


Abi Moore                  - Silver

Jennifer Murtagh     -   Bronze


Abi Moore & Katie Ford                  -    Bronze

Jennifer Murtagh & Amy Foster,

Claire Butler & Joanne Hooper,

Michelle Saunders & Janna Callan


Reading Royals                     -                Gold

Southern Counties Champs  - 18th October

Gallery  images - clickable

Figures (best 3)

6th Kelly Wise, 14th Jennifer Murtagh, 16th Michelle Saunders


5th Kelly Wise, 13th Jennifer Murtagh


2nd Kate Coupar and Kelly Wise

8th Abi Moore  and Katie Ford (3rd Juniors)

Team 2nd

Michelle Saunders, Kelly Wise, Amy Forster, Jana Callan,

Kate Coupar, Abi Moore, Claire Butler, Jennifer Murtagh,

Katie Ford

Kelly Wise - Brenda Holland Trophy 

National Championships  - Leicester, November

British Newspaper Archive - 7th November 1997. Poor scan though and difficult to read.

Images here from two shows on the day at 4.30 and 7.30pm

RR Christmas Show

Reading Central

..............if anyone has the show programme, please share.

Gallery & Other things


British Newspaper Archive - Reading Post 26th September 1997

A couple of images from a SOUTHERN COUNTIES TRAINING WEEKEND at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre in 1987.

"Di Singh taking an excellent stretching session".

"Proof that the editor (Jenny Gray) can't do splits. Coaches you know the term reversibilty".

Synchro World images from POTTERS BAR  INTER CLUB COMPETITION Podium show Tiffany Wise, Sarah Hale and Layla Canning (9-12yrs Grade 2), Hannah Phillips and Jacqueline Allen (9-12 Grade 3) and  Laura Tyler  13-16yrs Grade 3.

Natalie Thompson at the EALING NOVICES COMPETITION Competition. Also competing on the day were Katie Austin, Rachel Broadhead, Nicola Everson and Shona Smith.

Reading Royals  - team winners of the SYNCHROWORLD COMPETITION for the 10th time

"A two-week camp for 17 swimmers was organised at St Swithuns School, Winchester. Chief Coach was Janice Waters with assistants Barbara Brailey, Helen Nichols and Rosie Surch.

The camp proved a great success for everyone. A great deal of knowledge was gained by everyone. We won't forget Linai's favourite expression "SUPERMAN", and of course the girls will remember Janice's


The water aerobic sessions with Diana Singh were enjoyed by both swimmers and coaches.During these sessions we learnt a great deal about body movement, body expression, types of propulsion and dance techniques.

Visiting experts attended the camp giving lectures in Sports Science, Aerobics, Line Dancing, Yoga, Nutrition, PhysiotheraPy and Reflexology. I don't know what happened during the lecture while my feet were being treated, but apparently I went a very funny colour and couldn't stand up. I don't know whichpPart of my feet were being treated at the time, and to be honest I am not likely to find out again!

During the second week we were involved with the BBC who wanted us to make Patterns for a new science Programme due to be screened next Year. We are to be seen in Programme 7 called the Undiscovered

Country. The Presenter was Lord Robert Winston the IVF specialist. I am still not really sure what we were supposed tobe, but time will tell.

During the evenings, after land drills and team meetings, we were able to play some party games, one of which was Pictionary. Rosie Surch is an "expert" on this, although as she was not wearing glasses at the time when she had to read her clue, asked me to whisper itto her. Unfortunately she misheard what I said and started to draw a large glass and a gin bottle x 2. I couldn't understand what it was, as the clue was DOUBLE CHIN. lt will take a long time for her to live this down!" - MARY HOOPER



SENIORS -  Gayle Adamson, Adele Carlsen, Katie Hooper, Claire Whyman. Nicky Calvey, Katie Webber, Jody Veryard                >

SENIORS_JUNIORS  -  Kathryn Pounder, Katherine Hall, Debbie Davies, Kerry Hussey, Sarah Thompson, Lynsey Tolley


Verity Noon, Amy Forster, Janna Callan, Venessa Woods, Alex Marchant, Natalie Martin


No results available. Seniors we think were at Northolt, the Novice and Intermediate competition elsewhere ( now featured above).

Some images from Seniors on the slider to the right.