Reading Royals

Through the Year 1992


13/14 Years

1. Nia Davies    Bex 49.273

2. Katie Hooper   RR 48.263

3. Jody Veryard   Bex 48.227

4. Sandra Jack   RR 47.263

5. Lisa Andrews   R 47.153

6. Lucinda Fenton   R 47.120

7. Alice Steevens   Bex 47.056

8. Kelly Wise   RR 47.040

9. Janine West   Bex 46.827

10. Helen Church   EiCo 46.137

15/16 Years

1. Samantha Luckett  RR 58.450

2. Pippa Mercer   Bex 57.713

3. Megan Shacklock   R 57.370

4. Kerry Smith   Bex 56.150

5. Lisa Finch   Bex 55.203

6. Helen Swanscott   R 54.600

7. Elizabeth Davey   R 54.367

8. Gemma Warner   R 54.310

9. Kim-Lin Hooper   RR 53.867

10. Janice Jones   Bex 53.410


13/14 years                   Rout Fig- Penalty- Total

1. Jody Veryard   Bex 70.36 48.227 -1 117.587

2. Katie Hooper   RR 69.32 48.264 117.584

3. Kelly Wise   RR 68.76 47.040 115.800


15/16 Years                            Rout Fig Pen Total

1. Samantha Luckett   RR 74.16 58.450 -1 131.610

2. Megan Shacklock  R 73.44 57.370 130.810

3. Pippa Mercer   Bex 71.80 57.713 129.513


Sam Luckett receiving the Tommy Mather Memorial Trophy

             13/14 Duet Medallists

              with Mr M.Firmin

             (Synchro  Secretary for

              Southern Counties)


13/14 years                      Rout Fig Total

1. Katie Hooper  RR 71.68 47.652 119.332 Kelly Wise

2. Nia Davies   Bex 69.48 48.750 118.230 Jody Veryard

3. Janine West   Bex 67.16 46.942 114.102 Alice Steevens

4. Lisa Andrews   R 66.20 47.137 113.337 Lucinda Fenton

5. Helen Church   BCo 61.52 45.197 106.717 Ceri Saunderson

15/16 years

1. Pippa Mercer   Bex 75.24 56.463 131.703 Use Finch

2. Alina White   RR 69.76 53.384 123.144 Kim-Lin Hooper

3. Amanda Hinks   PV 69.92 52.292 122.202 Sonia Cribley

4. Julia Gray   PV 68.84 51.035 119.875 Lindsay Martin

5. Rachel Moorhouse   RR 68.56 50.302 118.862 Helen Evans

Teams  13/14 Years Rout Fig Total

1. Reading Royals 70.64 45.444 116.084

2. Bexley   SSC 70.24 45.358 115.598


1. Bexley  SSC 74.04 53.08 -0.5 126.624

2. Reading Royals 72.24 52.94    125.187

         15/16 Duet Medallists

Southern Counties Age Groups -

Crystal Palace, 16th  February

Berks & South Bucks A.S.A

7th March

        Figures                                       Solo

G4      -     1. Emily Duerden                                1. Emily Duerden

           -     2. Michelle Charles                              2. Michelle Charles

           -     3. Hayley Pearce                                  3. Hayley Pearce

Junior-     1. Katie Hooper                                   1. Katie Hooper

                 2. Laura Beasley                                  2. Alina White

                 3. Alina White                                      3. Laura Beasley

Champs  1. Louise Rutter                                   1. Louise Rutter

                 2. Linda Macrae                                   2. Linda Macrae

                 3. Katie Hooper                                   3. Katie Hooper

Results (include Grade 4)

Southern Counties Age Groups

Crystal Palace - 15th March

11/12 YEARS

1 Katie Spooner   R 38.947

2 Debbie Davies   PV 38.764

3 Kathryn Pounder   PV 38.606

4 Nancy Tetlow   R 37.583

5 Alison Riley   PV 36.870

6 Kerry Hussey   R 36.464

7 Michelle Saunders   RR 36.407

8 Kelly Warner   RR 35.847

9 Natalie Martin   PV 35.753

10 Gemma Chappell   BCo 35.580


1 Kerry Shacklock   R 73.980

2 Laila Vakil   R 71.097

3 Emma Clark   RR 64.104

4 Rebecca Scales   R 64.070

5 Jemma Moreau   H 63.533

6 Adele Carlsen   R 63.070

7 Louise Rutter   RR 62.277

8 Samantha Finch   Bex 61.263

9 Rachel Ramsey   R 60.780

10 Linda Macrae   RR 60.574

11/12 YEARS

1 Katie Spooner   R 70.08 38.947 109.027

2 Kathryn Pounder   PV 66.72 38.606 105.326

3 Debbie Davies   PV 66.28 38.764 105.044

4 Kerry Hussey   R 66.08 36.464 102.544

5 Alison Riley   PV 65.64 36.870 102.510

6 Nancy Tetlow   R 63.96 37.583 101.543

7.Michelle Saunders   RR 62.64 36.407 98.647

8.Kelly Warner   RR 61.20 35.847 97.047 (see gallery)


12&U      2. Reading Royals

17& over 2. Reading Royals


9/10 YEARS

1 Verity Noon   Bex 59.040 33.150 92.190

2 Laura Barrett   PV 59.680 32.443 92.123

3 Emma Watts   BCo 57.840 33.007 90.847

4 N Shankardass   BCo 56.520 33.337 89.857

5 Mikila Hall   Bex 56.560 32.217 88.777

6 Claire Eastwood   Bex 56.320 31.867 88.187

7 Sarah Rust   RR 54.76 32.950 87.710

8 Katie Ward   R 53.200 33.473 86.673


9/10 YEARS

1 Katie Ward   R 33.473

2 Mandy Shankardass   BCo 33.337

3 Verity Noon   B 33.150

4 Emma Watts   BCo 33.007

5 Sarah Rust   RR 32.950

6 Laura Barrett   PV 32.443

Berks & S.Bucks Novice and Intermediate, 25th April

First places for Jennifer Murtagh ( Novice Figures) from Jennifer Price in second.

Intermediate Figures (and Dave Elson Rose Bowl Trophy) went to Michelle Saunders from Joanne Ford (2nd) and Anna Forster (3rd)

Intermediate Duet and Doug Moore Trophy winners were Joanne Ford and Michelle Saunders with Amy Forster and Abigail Moore as runners-up and Tracy Butler and Janna Callan in third

The Anne Dudding Cup (Novice Solo) went to Clare Chandler  with Jen Murtagh and Sarah Rust 2nd/3rd.

 Fuller Results and Report

PICTURED below are the five new members of the Reading Royals who have recently completed their time on various courses with the Royals at Central Pool.

The girls have to learn all the basic skills of synchronised swimming and then pass Grade 1 and 2 ASA proficiency levels before they are invited to join the Reading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club.

The successful five are Kirsty Rowland and Emma Walsh both aged 12, Henrietta Bailey aged 11, and Katie Ford and Hannah Ford aged nine years.

We would like to congratulate all of them and to welcome them into the Reading Royals and hope that they will continue to enjoy learning this very disciplined and difficult sport, and at the same time enjoy being a member of the most successful synchronised swimming club

Five of the Royals members who have been with the club tor about three years have certainly proved that dedication and hard work certainly pays off with good results as they passed their Grade Five ASA proficiency exam with flying colours.

This grade is the highest attainable within this sport and to achieve this level requires hard work over a long period of time. The victorious five are Krestina Hayes aged 11, Sandra Jack, Hayley Pearce and Michelle Charles all aged 14 and Emily Duerden aged 13, who was not able to be in the photograph.

Congratulations to all five on your success —keen up the good work.

New Girls for the Royals

Central Pool, Reading 6th June

Scandanavian Open (GB Age Group)

12-14 June, Kuopio, Finland

The Age Group squad travelled to Kuopio via Helsinki and included RR's  Kerry Clarkson, Vicky Saltmer and Samantha Luckett who swam Figures, Solo, Duet and Team - the team picking up Silver behind the USA.

England and USA teams (England in the lighter costumes)

Coach Nikki Shearn (ex GB swimmer)

Some extracts from the parents diary of the trip:-

"All the rooms were luxuriously equipped including a hair washing spray which although very effective required contortionate positions for effective use. A more World Wise Traveller later informed the ladies they were using the item incorrectly - this was in fact the Scandanavian Bidet"

"Finland was in the middle of a heatwave and this drove all of us to a quiet trip on the lakes. Evening drinks, a beautiful meal and the chance to sample reindeer meat closed our first full day in Finland".

"With England Flags the supporters set out for the figure competition, the cycling quartet (with maps in hand) taking the more scenic route passing the station three times and arriving after the walkers".

"During the afternoon the majority of parents slept off the excesses of the previous evening on the sun beds, the peace being disturbed with news that GB were in silver medal position after the figures."

"Post competition the girls had free time, what did they want to do? - go swimming in the lake! On the beach the girls and parents were treated to a synchro display of such excellence it brought tears to our eyes. Jenny, Pat, Nicki and Georgie produced a routine (promised if the girls medalled) not in the water as expected(lake water temperature not up to Masters minimum temperature) but on dry land!"

"There are many things that can be written about Synchro, but the camaraderie on the trip and last night in particular from parents, coaches and judges from all over the country will remain in our memories long after our daughters have retired from swimming".

Duetists Sam Luckett and Kerry Smith.

GB Junior Squad was 12 strong and contained one Reading Royal swimmer - Nicola Robertson. Other members - Nicola Calvey, Stephanie Baylis, Nicola Swing, Megan Shacklock, Claire Whyman, Pippa Mercer, Jemma Moreau, Liz Coles, Adele Carlson, Katie Webber and Lisa Finch.

GB Juniors Rome & Oulu (Finland)


"We assembled at Heathrow in a flurry of black pleats. All fingers were firmly crossed as we boarded the plane - not pre-flight nerves but concern that our modesty would be preserved in the rush of air up the legs at the top of the plane steps.

We had to keep reminding ourselves that we were one of only three junior squads in a list of 15 countries taking part. We trained hard on Thursday - on figures in the indoor pool and later in the evening we worked on the team in the outdoor pool during a storm, which was good fun.

Our team went quite well and we were pleased to make the final. On Saturday the four duetists were at the pool bright and early for the Prelims. Jemma and Adele swam very well. The second duet was unfortunately disqualified but disappointment was soon overcome in preparation for the team final to be held that evening. The weather by now was glorious and we managed a little sunbathing during the afternoon whilst watching some superb duets in the final. The team swim in the final was a great improvement on the Prelim and we held 6th place. Sunday morning - solo Prelims - all 32 of them, began at 9am and went on until after 2pm in blazing sunshine. Jemma and Adele both swam well and as our competition over, we went off to do a little sightseeing.

Anyone visiting the St Peters Basilica that afternoon would certainly have seen some unusual sights - and I am not referring here to Mr Firmins knees! Though we had been forewarned about bare shoulders not being admitted THEY forgot to tell us about the

shorts! Consequently those of us with long shorts pulled them down hipster fashion and did the tour with Mrs Firmin (in skirt). We then came out and swapped shorts with the others and they did the tour. The grand finale was Mrs Firmin outside wrapped in a towel _ Trish inside with Mrs Firrnin's skirt needless to say Mr Firmins knees stayed firmly outside the whole time. (though he did return the next day fully clothed). After this hilarious outing we returned relaxed and happy to enjoy a fantastic solo final, which even a plague of aphids could not spoil. In the evening we had a marvellous coach tour of Rome by night, visiting all the famous places throwing our coins in the fountain and ending with a visit to a posh ice cream parlour for lots of lovely Italian Ice Cream (which surprisingly was NOT what I had wished for at the fountain). The next morning we were up with the Italian larks and away - sad it was all over. We had a great time in Rome and I was looking forward to our next trip - Finland" .CLAIRE WHYMAN Junior Team Captain.

Now the parents view!

"Firstly, apologies for the delay in submitting my first (and probably last) Roving Report for Synchro World - due partly to the fact that the writer has only just stopped roving. partly because she has only now fully recovered from her trip to Kuopio! From a Synchro Supporters Club point of view, compared to Finland, Rome was uneventful - but then compared to Kuopio Hurricane Andrew was uneventful! The Pink Ladies descended upon Rome two by two. The Advance Party arrived at their hotel (which we later tactfully described as 'basic but convenient') with a spirit of adventure having made it from the airport under their own steam, though weary and footsore. Tourist tip (TT) - Don't take new shoes to Rome! Couple number two arrived later - with no blisters but without a substantial amount of their spending money after being ripped off by their taxi driver. (TT) - go for the blisters every time!) Next day we decided to attack the sightseeing with a vengeance, starting with the Vatican and the breathtaking Basillica of St Peters. Unfortunately being a Saint's Day the Sistine Chapel was closed, so we started the ascent to the top of the Dome. The first stage was fine (by lift), then it got very tricky and spiral and one of our number was unfortunately left by the wayside to clog up the one way traffic system. The view from the top was magnificent - and I have to say must surely surpass any view from any tower in Finland! The following day was the figure competition and only one of us was brave enough to attend. She felt ill after observing the stiff opposition and rushed off to the Trevi Fountain for a wish (and a bottle of wine). Saturday and Sunday were taken up with some superb Synchro Routines in a marvellous outdoor pool in glorious sunshine, fully reported on elsewhere. Two aspects of the Rome trip deserve special mention. Firstly, the KNEES - I know this has been covered in the Captain's Report, but really, those knees deserve an extra plug - we should see them more often! Secondly, and more seriously, this competition, like all competitions, brought its disappointments. I feel privileged to have witnessed the superb way in which the girls concerned handled their disappointments - They were a credit to their families, their clubs and their country."



We flew from Heathrow to Helsinki, had a short wait at Helsinki Airport where we spotted one of our rivals -the Italians - not as smart as we were in our GB tracksuits! After travelling over trees, trees and more trees we arrived rareing to go at Oulu airport and were whisked off by coach (the kind with wheels) to our hotel.

Wednesday we were up early and ready to stun everyone in our new GB 2 piece costumes. Figure training first, followed by team training, music time was very limited so much of our training was performed to tapes. Thursday was figure day! It rained again. We got up at 6.45am and had a good breakfast. The warm up ended at 9.15am and figures commenced at 10am. It was nerve racking to see the standard of the other countries but we tried our hardest and everyone was on top form. After having a hot shower and a lovely sauna to relax, the pouring rain which greeted us as we left for lunch was most unwelcome. We ran to our Spaghetti Bolognese and carrots (!) then walked back to the hotel, which wasn't far but after a stressful day it seemed miles. We retreated to our moms to await the results.

Friday was solo day. More rain! All our efforts went into cheering on our two soloists - Jemma and Adele. They both swam exceptionally well, with Jemma going through to the finals. Duet prelims and finals were held on Saturday . Our duet, Jemma and Adele swam a good routine and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Plenty of walk throughs and an early night were needed in preparation] for the team competition on our final day. Sunday involved a lot of pysching up and walking through. We had hopes of pulling up in the prelims so we had a good draw for the finals. However, after trying our best we were disappointed with the marks. Unfortunately we were drawn 1st in the finals, but we were looking forward to swimming and nothing was going to put us off. We had our last 5 minutes to show them what we were made of. And we all swam our very best. The team was relieved when our swim was over and we could settle to watch the other teams. After all the hard work put in by swimmers and Alison our brilliant coach (slime, slime) we came 5th! Even though it rained nearly all day, everyday, I thoroughly -enjoyed the competition, and hope the other swimmer agree that though our results may have been disappointing the experience we gained from the competition was well worth it. Sunday night was full of surprises - for coaches, officials and swimmers alike. These involved carefully positioned sheets (yet again exposing those knees) some very unusual body positions, some new uses for clingfilm, and above all a great spirit of fun and friendship. CLAIRE WHYMAN

There appear to be no pictures or results from the trips and we have only excerpts from the reports made on return.

Olympic Games

Barcelona, July/August

No RR swimmers in the squad for Barcelona. No team qualified but in addition to Duet, Solo was swam at the Olympics for the only time. Wonderful 6th (in Duet with partner Laila Vakil and 7th (Solo) finishes.The reserve was Natasha Haynes.

Ex RR swimmer Andrea Fountain (Holland) was the GB Team Coach.

Images - Pre Opening ceremony, solo and duet swims


13/14yrs Duet  -   Katie Hooper/Kelly Wise

15/16yrs  Solo  -   Samantha Luckett

13/14yrs Team -   Reading Royals


15/16yrs Team -   Reading Royals

Fuller results and paper report from Reading Chronicle October 2, 1992.


National Age Groups

Sep 26th/27th - Gloucester

13/14 Squad - Emily Duerden, Sandra Jack, Hayley Pearce, Michelle Charles, Rebecca Parsons,Kathryn Murtagh, Katie Hooper, Jayne Harper, Kelly Wise, Anna Louise Forster, Claire Chandler.

National Championships

7th/8th Nov- Leicester

Success in medal form was hard to come by.

Samantha Luckett won the Junior Solo (right) and below are the other higher finishes with fuller results below.

Solo Championships (36 swims!)

10. Samantha Luckett



9.    Karen Clarkson/Samantha Luckett


4.    Reading Royals

Gallery & other things

RACHEL DUDMAN and LINDA MACRAE at Reading Central Pool 10/1/1992.

Photo Rear: reads  'Southern District'


The Mary Black Award is awarded to an athlete who is a member of an ASA affiliated club and has given outstanding service to English synchronised swimming.

"EGYPTIAN OLYMPIC TEAM IN TOWN" - Reading Chronicle 26th June 1992

COUNTY SELECT THEIR SQUAD - Chronicle 26/06/1992

THE eight girls selected for this year's Berks and South Bucks synchronised swimming team are about to start their training pro-gramme for the Southern Counties Inter-City Routine Competition to be held at Crystal Palace on Sunday, July 19. The girls in the County Squad qualified from the County Competition held at Eton College last March. The top eight girls chosen to represent their County this year are all from the Reading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club and they are: Laura Besley, Carla Dalton, Natalie Dunn, Katie Hooper, Kate Jones, Linda Macrae, Rachael Moorhouse and Alina White. In the last four years the Berks and South Bucks Synchro Team have won the competition three times. Lisa Wathen is the team coach this year. Lisa has now retired from synchronised swimming with the Reading Royals Club. The competition comprises of a junior solo and duet, a senior solo and duet, and a team routine. This year's team manager is Pat Dalton and both Lisa and Pat look forward to a successful training programme which will bring the winning trophy back to Reading.

The Berks and Bucks County synchronised swimming squad (from left to right): Team manager Pat Dalton, Katie Hooper, Laura Besley, Alina White, Rachel Moorhouse, coach Lisa Wathen with secretary Ed Bowditch and Chronicle group sports editor Alan Porton. Sitting (from left to right): Carla Dalton, Natalie Dunn, Linda Macrae and Kate Jones.

RR SYNCHRO WORLD SQUAD - make it four wins in a row at Stechford



10yr old CLAIRE BUTLER wins Novice Trophy

Reading Chronicle

KELLY WARNER  - PHOTO REAR reads " 28/06/1992 winning the 12 and under solos at Central Pool on Sunday".

Gallery & Other things

Siobhan Goodchild & Rachel Watmore on the podium for 3rd at the ESSA National Schools Championships competition (Duet) The RR pair were swimming for Highdown School, Reading.

GB Seniors Duet at the French Open)left).  Caroline Slssingar and Abi Moore of Reading Royals and the pair again (right) with other squad member Kerry Hussey. Duet girls in their Free costumes.

Reading Royals A-Team taken  in April 2001

Jo Hooper, Jen Murtagh, Katie Ford, Abi Moore, Katie Hooper

              Chloe Huggins, Kelly-Anne Wise, Claire Butler