Reading Royals

Through the Year 1991 

Berks & S.Bucks Competition  - 9th March

RR swimmers only

Rebecca Parsons     -      Novice Figures

Kelly Warner

J. Darbyshire

Caroline Bird      Solo

Reading Royals  Team - Novice

Katie Hooper    - Inter Figures & Solo

Natalie Dunn    - Figures

Kelly Wise         - Solo

Karen Clarkson - Solo  

Louise Rutter   -  Championship Figures & Solo

Sam Luckett    -    Junior Figures & Solo

Helen Smith         Figures

Louise Fishleigh  Figures

Sam Luckett         Solo

Linda Macrae   -  Junior Figures & Solo

Linda Macrae     Solo

Full Results

Southern Counties Age Groups

- Atherton Centre, Stratford

16th March


13/14yrs    -    Samantha Luckett     -      Gold

15/16yrs   -     Linda Macrae             -      Bronze


13/14yrs   -    Samantha Luckett      -      Gold

15/16yrs  -     Linda Macrae             -       Bronze


13/14yrs   -  Helen Evans/Rachel Moorhouse(5th)   >


13/14yrs    -  Reading Royals    Silver

15/16yrs   -   Reading Royals    Silver


Synchro World Competition

Wolverhampton - 4th May

Reading Royals were competing against Hounslow Boro, Bristol Central and Bexley and ran out winners for the third consecutive year.


Junior     -    2.    Linda Macrae

Senior     -    3.    Louise Rutter


Junior       -    1.      Reading Royals

Senior       -    3.      Reading Royals


Novice   -          1.    Katie Hooper/Emily Duerden

Junior    -           2.    Rowena Grainger/Nicola Robertson

Senior   -            3.    Sarah Marie Northey/Louise Rutter

Winning Squad


12&U     -      Katie Hooper   -    Gold

                      Kelly Wise        -    Silver

13/14yrs  -    Sam Luckett     -    Gold

                      Karen Clarkson (7th)

                      Victoria Saltmer

15/16yrs   -   Linda Macrae(4th)

National Age Groups - Kingsmead Baths, Canterbury

28th September


12&U       -      Katie Hooper      -     Gold

                         Kelly Wise           -     Bronze

                         Emily Duerden(10th)

13/14yrs  -      Sam Luckett          -    Gold

                        Karen Clarkson(5th)

15/16yrs  -      Linda Macrae(4th)


12&U  -     Katie Hooper/Kelly Wise -   Gold

13/14yrs - Helen Evans/Rachel Moorhouse(5th)

15/16yrs - Kim-Lin Hooper/A.White(6th)


12&U        -     Reading Royals      -    Gold

13/14yrs   -     Reading Royals      -    Silver

15/16yrs   -     Reading Royals      -    Silver


Southern Counties Championship - 12th October, Crystal Palace Leisure Centre

Figures (RR Only) of 67

4th - Louise Rutter

20th Linda Macrae


6th - Louise Rutter


8th - Louise Rutter/Carla Dalton


4th - Reading Royals

Full Results

National Championships


1991 goes down as  not one of the best 'Nationals' for the club. No medals and no Reading swimmers noted as reaching the Solo or Duet finals.

There was no Reading Royal participation in this inaugural Masters but it is of course nonetheless a noteworthy event, made no less so by Jenny's recall that hot Bovril was served at events in bygone times. Included here is an excerpt from her report from 1991 and  before and after photographs of the baths spanning 45 years.

The baths appear to have been renovated to reopen in 2010 (reportedly with a spend of £25m). This is very pertinent at the present time of writing - where our club finds itself 'homeless' following closures made by Reading Councillors.

"The event was held at Marshall Street Baths which is a London pool tucked in around the back of Carnaby Street. The pool brought back many memories of the first Southern Counties competition, the first National trials, the first National competition, and the pool where the San Francisco Marionettes showed us what Synchro was really about and where they presented the Redwood Trophy to the ASA. The pool had changed little although the diving boards, where I can still remember June Connelly starting her solo with a foward 11/2 somersualts piked from the 5 metre board have long gone. Otherwise, I could almost smell the hot bovril which was always served in the corridor at events. That will bring back a few memories". J.G

        1965 (with the diving boards)                           2010 (without the spectator gallery)


1st Synchro Masters -

Marshall Street Baths, Soho - 30th November

Gallery & Other things

Laila Vakil - GB's FIRST EVER GOLD MEDAL WINNER at WORLD LEVEL in Synchro. The medal was won in Salerno, Italy at Junior World's. Leila, who swam for Rushmoor at club level, also finished in second place on the Solo.

In the competition itself Laila swam a beautiful, very difficult routine, but unfortunately was beaten into 2nd place, by yes you've guessed, the Japanese. Their soloist was exceptional and well deserved her success. We were looking forward to the National Anthem being played, but had to make do with the Union Jack on the 2nd place flag pole. It was a superb performance from an excellent competitor who knew what she wanted to do and did everything possible to achieve her goal. We were certainly very proud of her". JENNY GRAY

"We always moan when it's sunny for a synchro event, but for once I was glad of it, for the Junior World Championships was held in an outdoor pool adjacent to the beach in Salerno, Southern Italy. The setting was superb and for Great Britain, the results were the most exciting for many a year.

We waited for Laila to swim her routine during solo training. I had promised to video it. At the allotted time, I placed myself up in judges chair, Laila started and the heavens opened. I hid under the sun umbrella which was being blown in the storm. Rosy Surch the coach, sat diligently out in the rain and Laila kept swimming. We were hardly able to see her through the rain drops and at the end they abandoned training and I felt abandoned, unable to emerge from the umbrella with the video camera. I was eventually rescued and the recording was helpful.

Some 1991 RR 'SWIMMERS OF THE MONTH' here -all at Central. (Clickable)

1. Natalie Waring receives her SOTM prize from club captain Louise Rutter (left) and then club chairman Ken Macrae. 19/04/1991

4. Undated -  but same presenters with SOTM Natalie Dunn.

6. 14/05/1991."Sarah Northey with coach Kris Harley at Arthur Hill Swimming Pool".

2. Louise Rutter & Alan Porton from the Reading Chronicle present prizes to SOTM Emily Duerden.


3. Ditto - this time recipient is Vicki Saltmer

5. Louise with 'Alina White (on the right) 22/11/1991.

Please let us know if you can identify the swimmers in photo 5.

Pertinent  to say here too - what a wonderful supporter Alan Porton has been over the years.