Reading Royals

Through the Year 1990 

"Three British swimmers, with Carolyn

Wilson as coach, were invited to swim at

these championships by the host club, Les

Nageurs Audegaves. This competition is by

tradition closed, but was made Open this

year, by inviting us to compete. The

swimmers were Adele Carlsen (13-14 Age

Group) and Laila Vakil (Junior) both of

Rushmoor, and Vicky Maybury (Senior) of

Reading Royals. Also competing, but for a

French Club, was Rebekah Taylor, of

Portsmouth Victoria Club.

The competition was held over 3 days at

the local 50m pool in Angers, a city on the

Loire River. There were 60 Agegroupers,

and 100 Juniors and Seniors in the

competition. The French use this

competition as a selection for their National

Squads - girls are pre-selected the July

before (at the French Open or National Age-

groups) and confirm their place here".

French Winter Open

26th-28th January - Angers France

Interesting at-the-time resume from the TM on the relative strength of GB and French synchro. See  Synchro World page (right)for fuller account

"Our 3 competitors at this competition certainly showed France that Synchro is still alive and kicking in GB but we're going to have to kick a lot harder to get up to or past the French".

That has remained true for the best part of 30 years  since.

"ENGLAND'S synchronised swimmers scored two silver medal successes in Auckland .. . and enhanced their growing reputation along the way. National champion Kerry Shacklock was runner-up in the solo competition and then joined forces with Sarah Northey to take second place in the duets. And despite the fact that only four countries eventually sent synchro teams to the Games -seven originally entered - the experience was invaluable for Kerry, Sarah and Colette Geier. Said team manager and coach Caroline Francis: The girls have only just moved up to senior ranks after showing good potential as juniors and have good reason to be pleased with their performances. "It was very disappointing that more countries didn't take part and help to get synchronised swimming firmly established as a Commonwealth Games event but it has been pencilled in for four years time".

Sarah Northey and Kerry Shacklock

XIV Commonwealth Games Auckland, New Zealand - January

Southern Counties Age Groups

St Georges, Stepney  - 17th March


13/14yrs   -          Samantha Luckett           -     Gold

15/16yrs   -          Linda Macrae (6th)


13/14 yrs  -          Sam Luckett                     -   Gold

15/16yrs   -          Linda Macrae(5th)


15/16yrs  -           M.Svensen/L.Macrae(4th)

                              K.Childs/T.Buckley (5th)


13/14yrs       -      Reading Royals             -       Silver

15/16yrs       -      Reading Royals             -       Gold

Sam Luckett



9/10yrs      -        Suzanne Milner(5th)

17&Over  -         Louise Fishleigh                    -    Silver

                            Lindsay Smith(7th)


17& Over   -      Lindsay Smith (7th)


17&Over   -       Louise Fishleigh/L. Wathan  -    Gold


11/12yrs    -      Reading Royals                        -    Silver

Southern Counties Age Groups

Crystal Palace -  8th April

Berks & South Bucks

28th April



G4               -         Natalie Waring - Silver

                               Nathalie Green   - Bronze

Junior          -        Samantha Luckett - Gold

                               Rowena Grainger   - Silver

                              Nicola Robertson - Bronze

Championship  - Lindsay Smith     -   Gold

                               Helen Smith        -  Silver

                              Sam Luckett       -  Bronze   


Intermediate -  Sarah Forster/Kim-Lin Hooper    -  Silver

                           Helen Evans/Rachel Moorhouse   -  Bronze

Full Results


Novice         -     Claire Lombard      -    Gold

                            Ioni Sullivan          -   Bronze

Intermediate-    Kim-Lin Hooper(4th)

G4                -     Natalie Waring     -   Silver

                            Nathalie Green      -   Bronze

Junior          -     Karen Childs         -   Gold

                            Samantha Luckett -  Silver

                            Samantha Hawthorne  - Bronze

Senior          -     Lindsay Smith        -   Gold

                            Lisa Wathen           -   Silver

                            Louise Fishleigh       -   Bronze



12&U   Reading Royals  -  Gold

Reading Royals' swimmer Helen Smith was part of the GB Junior Squad for the 5 day trip to Nice. Here follows her diary through the competition (the VII Loano Synchro Cup - both in and out of the pool.

"I will have many lasting memories of Loano. The audience reaction for one. On the final day the stand was packed with people of all ages, and applause was spontaneous and noisy. Is Synchro more respected in Italy or is it that we Brits are too reserved? There were young Italian girls collecting autographs, there were the Cuban whistles, with only three members in their team, they certainly made their support for their swimmers audible with their ear piercing penny whistles. The VII Loano Cup was televised live too!

It'll take me a long time to forget the Canadians, their team was the most exciting display of synchro that I've ever seen. But the best memory of all was the feeling of pride I felt for our team in the final. Juniors in a Senior competition. Their superb performance gained them audience and judges appreciation, scoring high 8's and 9's. The actual routine score beat the Dutch, but with the figure marks added, we were just beaten into 5th place. I'm glad I persuaded my husband to lug my video and camera equipment all the way to Italy. I now have some lovely souvenirs, 21/2 hours of video tape and endless pictures, that remind me of a super trip. Well done Carolyn, Tricia, Janet and the G.B. Junior Squad.

Jo Cooper April, 1990

GB Juniors 1990


Glasgow Multi National

Juniors after swimming to gold in Glasgow.

Junior Europeans, St Margarets  Leicester - August 12th-20th

Silvers in Solo, Duet and Team for the GB squad. Great results - clickable (right)


13/14yrs  Solo   -   Samantha        Luckett       


12&U  Team          -  Reading Royals

13/14yrs Team     -  Reading Royals

15/16yrs Team      - Reading Royals

       12&under medalists

       RR far side mostly hidden


National Age Groups

Leicester, 22nd/23rd September

Gallery & Other things

Reading Royals' Synchro World 1990 squad that competed at Leicester and were indeed Group 1 winners.

There were individual wins for Kim-Lin Hooper and Sarah Forster in Novice Duet, and Lindsay Smith in the Senior Solo


GB Duet looking ahead at the prospect of Barcelona 1992

Evening Post 4th Oct 1990 via British Newspaper Archive