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As you progress as a synchronised swimmer you will need to have your synchro grades tested before you can enter certain competitions. There are  Figure Grades, Routine Grades and Land Grades.

These tested gradings contain all the building blocks to lead swimmers to posess the skills, technique, strength and flexibility necessary for synchronised swimming.

Read and view more about grades and progression on the Swim England website.

There are a number of ASA licensed regional synchronised swimming competitions that take place throughout the year as well as two showpiece national synchro competitions – the ASA National Championships and the ASA National Age Group Championships.

There are four main categories of synchronised swimming competition

Solos – where an individual swimmer will synchronise with the music.

Duets – where a swimmer co-ordinates with their partner and in time to the music.

Teams – where the swimmer co-ordinates with up to seven other athletes and in time to the music.

Combination – a team routine where up to ten swimmers perform in one continuous routine but during the routine there will be segments where different numbers of swimmers will perform.

There are four age groups - 12 years &under, 13-15years, 15-18years and 18&over.

Competitions are also graded, from Novice at Level 1 through Levels 2,3 and 4 which are National Level.

Reading RSSC as one of the four clubs is working to run a fully sustainable programme with professional, development and community coaches creating an environment to encourage young girls and boys to be part of team sport and develop a sporting habit for life. The programmes embrace local community projects with a wide range of activities and competitive experiences across a broad spectrum of ages and abilities, creating a diverse network of participants across the region in which they are situated.