Multi Regionals 2016


          Regionals  2016

Multi Regionals  took place on the Saturday of 8th October at the familiar GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester.

As is always the case the morning was reserved for the figure competition and the club's swimmers produced some excellent results. Ele Blinkhorn won Gold in the 12+Under and Beatrice Crass the Silver. Rebecca Saunders (5th), Madelaine Staples (6th) and Lottie Moghul (8th) were all top 10 finishers

In 13/15 Age Group Reading Royals took all three top spots with Mimi Gray in Gold, Abi Taylor - Silver and Isobel Blinkhorn Bronze. It didn't finish there as RR had another three swimmers in the top 10 - Anna Welland (7th), Isabel Turrell (9th) and Alyssa Basinger in 10th.

SOLOS  - saw a Gold for Eleanor Blinkhorn and a fantastic clean sweep 1,2,3,4 for Mimi Gray, Abigail Taylor, Isobel Blinkorn and Anna Welland. Some images from the  morning and solos below


Beatrice Crass, Eleanor Blikhorn, Emilia Wood, Hayley Pullen, Ksenia Alexandrova, Lottie Moghul, Madeleine Staples, Martha Crowland, Mia Palmer, Rebecca Saunders


Abigail Taylor, Alyssa Basinger, Anna Welland, Cerys Larsen, Isabel Turrell, Isobell Blinkhorn, Madison Squire, Mimi Gray, Rachael Newman, Tara Dakovic


Alex Turrell, Hannah Mulshaw, Harriette Smith, Teri-Faye Coupar, Anna Boehning

TEAMS - Gold for 12+under and 13/14 /15teams and Bronze for  15/18's

Some images from the swims

13/14 saw Reading Royals fill all the spots on the podium. A 1-2-3 for Mimi Gray & Alyssa Basinger, Abi Taylor  & Issy Turrell and Issy Blinkhorn & Anna Welland.

Duet and medal images on the right

DUETS - some tremendous results here. 12U -Gold and Bronze respectively from Eleanor Blinkhorn & Beatrice Crass and Madeleine Staples & Rebecca Saunders.