Baku 2015


The inaugural European Games are being held in Baku in June 2015. The opening ceremony is on June the 12th and the ganes run until the 28th. Synchronised swimming is one of 30 sports represented and the club are proud to have Emma Critchley and Esme Lower competing.

Tv schedules (BT Sport we think have the rights) not yet available and nothing on the games website to say whether there will be live streaming. Either way you'll have to be up early - the schedule right is in local (UK)time. For the website go to


Great to see synchronised swimmers back in front of a "Team GB" logo.

Coverage confirmed to be on BTSport1 - Baku is 4 hours ahead of the UK in terms of time. Link here to BT Sport schedules.

Stills from BTSport1

Free Team Preliminary took place morning of 12th June

Baku Arrivals

June 9th - Flying today. the GB synchro squad for the European Games.

Image acknowlegement to BT Sport

Click on image for routine uploaded by Team GB

Combination prelim swam today - the 13th June - GB lying 10th.

Courtesy BT Sport

16th June - the final chapter,

Combo Final brought an improved score of 75.9 and a 10th place.

15th June - Free Team Final - a much better swim and smiles all 'round. Nice to see. Moved up from 19th to 9th in the ranking

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