Remembering London 2012

Remembering London 2012

7th August 2015 - Much in the media this week about it being the third anniversary of  London 2012. This weekend though in particlar, we are three years on from the synchro team swims, (Sunday) the "Tech "Routine and Monday the "Free". Just a little reminder therefore of what it was all about.........


The Team Technical Routine swim was on Thursday 9th August and the Free on the 10th....

Both Katies visible (just)."S" to the right of the flag and "C" behind the "N" in "Britain" -  three rows back

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Oh and the swims themselves - looking back they were pretty good !............Team Technical  Routine here at 31.50

.....and  the Free Team Routine here - GB swim first.

The Free Team Routine at 2012 was the "Peter Pan" theme with the music "Flying" by James Newton Howard. This by now is well known as it has continued to be swum (albeit in anadapted form) right up to this year by the current GB squad.

To mark the occasion a "cover" of 2002 issue P.O Peter Pan

and Olympic stamps was put together. Each of the girls who swam

has one and as the scan shows these were franked on the day of the

swim at "Hook" Post Office, Hampshire.

In addition to our swimmers at London 2012 the club had a good many volunteers who will have their own treasured memories of their participation, without which of course the event would not have been possible:-