Reading Royals

2012 -through the year


ASA Championships

at Gloucester - 24th/25th March


Rhiannon Williams       - Gold

Harriet Roberts             -  5th


Rhiannon Williams & Sophie Usher   -    Gold

Natalie Saudan & Lucy Farrell           -     7th

Team  -Charlotte Adams, Esme Lower, Harriet Roberts, Jade Hearmon, Kerry Rothery    -  Bronze

            Lily Ryan, Lucy Farrell, Natalie Saudan, Rhiannon Williams, Sophie Usher


Combination  -Charlotte Adams, Esme Lower, Harriet Roberts, Jade Hearmon, Kerry Rothery    -  Silver

            Lily Ryan, Lucy Farrell, Natalie Saudan, Rhiannon Williams, Sophie Usher, Genevieve Randall,

            Maisie James


Britain's Got Talent - 12th May.

Synchronised swimmers Aquabatique made the final and included ex Reading Royal and GB swimmer Jazmine Stansbury.

Jaz with the famous BGT tank left, in Aquabatique line up (centre) and  (right) flying high at the World Synchronised  Swimming Championships in Rome 2009.

Click here for the Aquabatique routine and here for creator's Aquabatix website.

Here is the excellent slideshow put together by Kate Coupar  remembering the surprise pre-olympic "leaving" celebration the club laid on for the two Katies

Olympic Send Off   - Reading Central , 13th May

European Championships - 23rd/26th May

The GB Senior Squad were in Eindhoven for the competition including Katie Skelton and Katie Clark

The Team finished in 5th position.

Results at foot of section.

Photos Remko Duppen

Photo:Clive Rose Getty Images

Photos Remko Duppen

This year's competition took place as usual at Central Pool. We had 10 clubs taking part ,Bracknell,  Rushmoor,,  Chippenham, Henley, Hythe Aqua, Medway Mermaids,  Portsmouth Victoria,  Reading, Rugby,   Witney. 


Figure results - (Top Ten only)

Group A 9-12 yrs

Lily May Smith            - 4th

Sophie Wulfinghoff      -6th

Group B 9-12yrs

Amy Rothwell                - Gold

Mimi Gray                     - Bronze

Natalya Furneaux        - 5th

Abigail  Taylor               -6th

Izzy Rastall                   -7th

Group C  9-12yrs

Isabel Turrell                  -Gold

Isobel Blinkhorn            - Silver

Rachael Newman            - 5th

Hannah Mulligan           - 6th

Routine (Team) Results

8-10 Years

Reading Royals       -     Gold

9-12 years

Reading Royals       -     Gold

Novice Competition- Central Pool, Reading

FINA World Junior Championships  - Volos, Greece - 12th September

The British Gas GBR Swim Team for World Juniors 2012 included the club's Hannah Green.

The two other swimmers in the Duet only team were Anastasija Bates and Sam Wilson.

The duet finished 18th narrowly missing out on the final from 27 pairs.

Louise Woolley (Rushmoor) was Team Manager for the trip - " there were very few people who didn't have a flat split and if you didn't you didn't get the higher marks. It was the same with height; most swimmers were mid thigh and the figures were extremely slow". (Synchro World).

Post competition Hannah returned to full-time training with the senior squad at the High Performance Centre in Aldershot.



12 & Under - Torri eUsher - 5th

13/14yrs     - Hannah Mulshaw - Bronze

                       Emma Critchley -   9th

                       Charlotte Sissons - 10th

15-17 yrs    - Rhiannon Williams - Silver

                        Lily Ryan              -  Bronze

                        Natalie Saudan     - 6th


12& Under   -  Torrie Usher - 5th

15-17yrs     -  Rhiannon Williams - Silver

                        Natalie Saudan  - 4th

                        Caitlin Ahern     - 7th

                        Charlotte Adams  - 8th


12& Under   -  Marissa Gray & Torrie Usher  -  Bronze

13/14yrs      -  Hannah Mulshaw & Verity Campbell -  4th

15/17yrs     -  Natalie Saudan & Lucy Farrell  -  Bronze

Team Free

12&Under   -  Silver                          Some Team images right

13/14          -  Bronze

15/17          -  Gold

Gallery & other things

KATIE CLARK - GB OLYMPIC TEAM - excerpts from a pre-London 2012 Swimming Times piece.

"My career has been a great adventure and I have been incredibly fortunate to have the High Performance Centre set up just as I was beginning to compete at junior GB level. I began synchro at the age of seven, when I was also taking part in a number of other sports, including swimming. I also did ballet. I remember going to a swimming session and my teacher could see that I was very flexible and suggested that I try out synchronised swimming at my local club, Reading Royals. I loved it as it combined the activities I liked most - swimming and ballet. I grew up either winning national age groups or coming second. Although there was fierce rivalry, we were all great friends at the same time. Now, being in the Great Britain team really gives me a sense of achievement, as I am at the pinnacle of my career and at the top of the sport in this country - something only a select few can claim"

"I have been a member of the team since the age of 15 so I've had to complete some of my schooling in the first year of GB training with this current year being focused all on London 2012. I have just completed an AASE apprenticeship in synchronised swimming and I will continue with my AS levels in September. I passed my driving test in November (I've just turned 18 now), which made me more nervous than any synchro competition. I feel very lucky and privileged to have travelled to such incredible places, such as Rome, Shanghai, Barcelona, Budapest, Malta and Doha, to compete for my country -all before I reached 18. When I first joined the GB senior squad, at the age of 15, I did feel overwhelmed by it all. But the more senior girls in the team supported me and a buddy system was set up in order to alleviate some of the stress and pressure placed on team members. I feel that I have had to mature a lot quicker than other girls of my age, as I had a lot of expectation and potential to live up to." 

"I know the journey to London 2012 is not going to be easy and we still have one trial left - in order to select the final nine athletes that will compete at the Olympic Games. The three athletes that were not selected in the last trial are still training with us, which is great, as they are still very young and have a great deal of potential. Since I entered the squad in 2009, I have been in every team event that we have competed in so I am confident that if I carry on remaining focused and working on my weaker areas, I have a good chance of going all the way. The London 2012 Olympics are not the end for me either as I know I still have a lot more in me for the 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. I am also still a junior so I would like to compete in the junior worlds this year as it will give me an opportunity to see what standard I am at for my age.
When it comes to swimming in London, I know I will be anxious but I know that we will be fully prepared and for any athlete to say they wouldn't be nervous at their first Olympic Games I think would be mad. I am incredibly excited about swimming at the Olympics with only the Olympic Qualification event in London in April, the European Championships in Eindhoven and a training camp in Malta standing in my way"
"I sincerely hope that young people can follow in my footsteps and will also get to experience what I have in the lead-up to the most exciting year of my life. Great Britain Synchro has an amazing set-up now with the incredible support from everyone at the English Institute of Sport and British Swimming. I really could not be in a better position leading up to the London 2012". SWIMMING TIMES May 2012