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Swimmer of the Year 2004


GB Junior Europeans - Loano, Italy 25th-29th March

Reading Royals  three girls in the squad were Katie Austin, Jenny Godding and Grainne Shaughnessy.

The only GB entry though for these championships was in the solo competition.

Southern Counties Age Groups - 16th April

Some images from the day




Katie Clark      - Silver

Rebecca King  - (4th)

Also Kristina Holley 

13&14 Yrs

Ava Pierro     -  Gold

Vicky Eaton  -   (4th)

15,16 &17yrs

Melanie Devoy       -           (4th)

Also Grainne Shaughnessy,  Helen Morris           -       

18 & Over

Katie Skelton      -    (4th)



Katie Clark     -    Gold

Rebecca King  -    Bronze

Also Kristina Holley 


Ava Pierro     -     Gold

Vicky Eaton   -     Silver

15,16,17 yrs

Grainne Shaughnessy  -   (4th)


18yrs & Over

Katie Skelton        -       5th



Katie Clark & Rebecca King          -    Silver

Krista Pierro & Megan Waldron -    (4th)


12&Under    -     Reading Royals   -      Gold

13&14yrs      -     RR                         -      Gold

15,16,17yrs   -     RR                         -      Silver

Berks & Bucks Championships

Bracknell - June

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Berks & Bucks Intercounty Competition-

Crawley  19th June

Junior Solo    

Jazmine Stansbury  (Berks & Bucks) -   Silver

Senior Solo

Katie Skelton (B&B)   -  Bronze

Junior Duet

Alex Harris & Vicky Eaton (B&B)  -  Silver

Senior Duet

Sandra Jack & Siobhan Goodchild (B&B)   -   4th


Berks & Bucks     -     3rd

8th Primorje  Cup

Rijeka, Croatia  -  15-17th July

An England Gold in Rijeka. Two RR swimmers were comepting in the squad - Olivia Allison, Katie Austin, Katie Dawkins, Clare Evans, Eleanor George, Jenny Godding, Natasha Lau, Asha Randall, Elizabeth Smith, Alexandra Todd.

"The weather was not bad during our stay and the swimmers were able to compare "their white bits". Many parents travelled to support and it was great to see them all. They certainly created an impression on the rest of the crowd. The team swim was excellent and was appreciated by the crowd.

Security was very tight in Trieste for the journey home and several of the squad had embarrassed looks on their faces when their suitcases were opened and the clothes inside searched."

Images and narrative SYNCHRO WORLD


12&Under                             13/14yrs                                           15/16/17yrs

Katie Clark       - Silver      Alexandra Harris -   Gold           Melanie Devoy  -  7th

Kristina Holley - (4th)       Ava Pierro            -    Silver

Also Rebecca King             Also Vicky Eaton          

National Age Groups

24/25th September - Walsall


12&Under                             13/14yrs                                         

Katie Clark        -   Gold     Alexandra Harris  -   Gold

Rebecca King     -   (4th)    Ava Pierro             -    Silver

Also Kristina Holley         Also Vicky Eaton           



Rebecca King & Katie Clark             - Gold


Alexandra Harris & Vicky Eaton     -   5th


Helen Morris & Jasmine Stansbury -   Bronze

Team - (Reading Royals)

12&Under                                      -   Gold  

13/14yrs                                        -    Silver   

15/16/17yrs                                     -   Bronze

Images from the day

GB Seniors - Egyptian Open

27th Sept - 1st October

British Synchronised Swimming Championships -

5th/6th November - Leicester

Technical Solo

Katie Skelton   -      8th

Free Solo

Katie Skelton   -     9th

Tech Team &

Free Team

Reading Royals   -    4th

Katie Skelton, Jazmine Stansbury, Grainne Shaughnessy, Helen Morris, Naomi Schorman, Jenny Godding, Katie Austin, Natalie Thompson, Sian-Marie Kent


Christmas Show, Central Pool

A Message from our President

Welcome and thank you for supporting our Christmas Show. This year's show is 'Mary Poppins', so sit back and relax whilst super nanny gets to work! This year the ASA synchro technical committee decided to send a junior team to compete in Croatia, where the England team finished in 1st place. Although only Jenny Godding and Katie Austin went to Croatia, Helen Morris, Grainne Shaughnessy and Melanie DeVoy were also part of the squad, so congratulations to all of you. And also to Katie Skelton who competed with a senior GB team in Egypt where they were placed 3rd against strong competition. Nationally our results were very good, particularly the 12 & unders who won gold in solo, duet and team. The 13/14's did well winning gold and silver in figures and solo and also silver in team and 15/16/17's achieved bronze in duet and team. Our A team produced a polished performance to finish 4th in the British Championship. It was at this competition that two long standing Reading Royals stalwarts received the Mary Black award for services to synchro, so congratulations to Doug and Barbara Coker. The atmosphere at this competition was greatly enhanced by the presence of so many of our younger swimmers and this was only achieved by the efforts of Sarah Buckley in arranging the transport etc. Sarah has also organised our Christmas Show so we would like to thank you Sarah for all your hard work. As I said last year, there will be many changes as the Long Term Athelete Development (LTAD) plan comes into force. I would ask you all to be patient as these changes come in, as there will undoubtedly be teething problems, but it should be for the ultimate good of synchro. If anyone wants more information on the LTAD plan, please ask a committee member. Finally congratulations to Claire (nee Butler) and Barrie Diffin and Claire (nee Beddows) and Tim Filtness on their marriages this year - we wish you all happiness and prosperity. It only remains for me to wish you a very happy festive season.

Pat Jack, President Reading Royals SSC.

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April - Vicki Eaton

SOTM - Vicky Harris

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