Reading Royals

Swimmer of the Year  - 

Katie Hooper

"Reading Royals Synchro Club has awarded top performer Katie Hooper with the accolade of Swimmer of the Year for 2002.

Katie has sadly decided to hang up her costune and goggles  after a distinguished career in the sport which ended on the high point of a silver medal in the Commonwealth Games in Manchester last July.

Katie would like to thank her past duet partners with whom she has shared medals, in particular Kelly Wise , Emily Duerden, sister Jo and GB partner Gayle Adamson from the Gateshead Club and all the team members she has swum with. She would also like to thank all the club coaches who have worked with her over the years in particular Mila Robertson and Di Singh and everyone in the club who has helped her to her success" - Jon Hooper in SYNCHRO WORLD

Full article courtesy of Synchro World to the right and clickable.

Katie Hooper on her SOTY award and  retirement with RR Chair Beverley Skelton.

Southern Counties Age Groups - Crawley, 12th April



Alex Harris                          -         6th


Grainne Shaghnessy         -          Gold

Sophie Nevin                    -           Bronze

Jazmine Stansbury            -          4th

Rebecca Davies                  -          6th


Katie Skelton                      -          4th

Siobhan Goodchild           -          6th

18 and over                   

Joanne  Hooper                 -           Gold



Holly Gurr               -       4th


Grainne Shaughnessy     -     Gold

Sophie Nevin                     -     4th

Jazmine Stansbury           -      6th


Katie Skelton                     -      4th

Sarah Hale                         -       6th



Ava Pierro & Alex Harris                            -     Bronze

Holly Gurr & Taylor Platten                        -     5th


Grainne Shaughnessy & Sophie Nevin    -     Gold

Rebecca Davies & Jazmine Stansbury      -     Silver

Jenny Godding & Sian-Marie Kent           -      5th


Katie Skelton & Rachel Broadhead            -    Bronze

Sara Hale & Siobhan Goodchild                -    5th


12&under    Reading Royals  -    Gold

13/14 yrs                                    -     Gold

15/16/17yrs                                -     Gold

Grainne Shaughnessy & Sophie Nevin

       13/14 Team


Loano is a well worn Synchro destination about 50 miles across the French border at Nice.

The 2003 team was Tia Randall, Jenna Randall, Louise Woolley, Helen Condon Hannah Massey, Lynne Payne, Katie Skelton, Chloe Huggins andJennifer Waterfield with  Kate Coupar as Assistant Coach and Jenny Gray travelling as a judge.

The team ranked 5th in Duet and Team at the competition.

Loano Synchro Cup XIX April 24th - 27th

Kate Coupar and Head Coach Adele Carlsen

Squad in Loano.

Photo: Sheila Huggins

'As there was no funding for a Great Britain side we competed as England

Synchro is a popular sport in Italy and the compettion was advertised all around town. When we arrived for the final we found that it was going to be televised on Italian TV. There was also a large audience with lots of home supporters as well as a small but loud group of English supporters and parents with their Union Jacks.

Going to Loano as part of an England Team was a grwat experience. We hope that the continuing difficulties with funding can be resolved to allow British Synchro to go on to greater and better things'


12th Luxembourg Synchro Cup

Potters Bar Competition


Clickable podium images on the right.

We do not though have the results from this competition  If anyone has them please copy us in at adminroyals@synchrosight.co.uk. (paper report now below)

Southern Inter-County - Crystal Palace, June

Reading Weekend Post - 4th July

Novel points based competition for Solo, Duet and Team but excluding swimmers who had swum for Great Britain.

Inter-Club Competition

Exeter, June

                                              Order of Swim (in part)

                                                 Novice Team

                                               "The King & I"

          Hannah Thomas, Harriet Roberts, Rebecca Bates, Rebecca King,

               Katie Clark, Krista Pierro, Chloe Caldwell, Megan Waldron

                          Coached by Elaine Alderson & Ann Feast


                                               Grade 3 Team

                                           "The Italian Job"

    Amy Caldwell, Katie Minien,Victoria Willis, Eleanor Whittle, Alex Harris,

     Taylor Platter, Holly Gurr, Jemma Leadley, Amy Robertson,

                    Coached & Choreographed by Jane White & Lyn Kent

                                         12 & Under Team                                             >>

                                    " Little Shop of Horrors"

                 Victoria Harris, Tom Morris, Jillian Cosh, Vicky Eaton,

          Megan Rothery, Emily Holmes, Rebecca Grimsey, Natalie Fenemore

                           Coached & Choregraphed by Mary Childs

                                                 13/14 Team                                            >>

                                              "The Thai Team"

         Grainne Shaughnessy, Sophie Nevin, Rebecca Davies, Victoria Willis,

           Jazmine Stansbury, Sian-Marie Kent, Helen Morris, Jenny Godding

             Coached & Choreographed by Sandra Jack, Coached by Carla Sanders

                                                 15/16/17 Team                                     >>

                                          "Phantomn of the Opera"

Katie Skelton, Katie Austin, Rachael Watmore, Rachel Broadhead, Natalie Thompson

   Francesca Feast, Sarah Hale, Helen Alderson, Ami Nevin, Naomi Schorman

                  Coached and Choreographed by Kelly Baker & Claire Butler

Summer Display

Reading Central, June 15th

National Age Groups -  Crawley Leisure

27th/28th September

Figures (top 10)


Ava Pierro                 -          4th

Natalie Fennemore, Holly Gurr                       


Grainne Shaughnessy  -         4th

Jazmine Stansbury, Sophie Nevin               

Rebecca Davies, Helen Morris                 


Siobhan Goodchild      -         6th



Ava Pierro & Alex Harris                          -    Silver


Rebecca Davies & Jazmine Stansbury   - Bronze

Sophie Nevin & Grainne Shaughnessy - 4th

Helen Morris & Melanie Devoy              - 6th


Siobhan Goodchild & Sarah Hale          - 5th



Ava Pierro                 -         Silver

Also Natalie Fennemore, Holly Gurr                -         


Jazmine Stansbury      -     4th

Also Grainne Shaughnessy, SophieNevin,                   

Rebecca Davies             


Siobhan Goodchild 


12&Under  Reading Royals  -   Bronze

13/14yrs                                    -   Gold

15,16,17yrs                              -   Silver

Portsmouth Babes Novice Comp - Portsmouth

October saw the annual Portsmouth Novice Competition. Clubs from Portsmouth, Witney, Potters Bar, Calne, Clacton, Basingstoke, Kingston,Eastbourne and Rushmoor were competing....

British Championships - Walsall, November

Christmas Show - Reading Central - 14th December

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