Reading Royals

Through the Year 2001


Swimmer of the Year 2000 -

Rachel Broadhead

'As a first year 13/14 swimmer Rachel gained gold medals in the Berks & Bucks for her duet with Frankie Feast and gold at Southern Counties and National Age Groups with the 13/14 team.'

Berks & South Bucks Championships



Natalie Thompson      -             Gold

Shona Smith              -             Silver

Helen Alderson          -              (4th)

Also - Frankie Feast, Grainne Shaughnessy            

Grade 4

Katie Skelton            -               Gold

Tiffany Wise              -              Silver

Rachel Broadhead     -               Bronze

Katie Austin              -               (4th)


Kirsty Johnson          -               Gold

Chloe Huggins          -               Silver

Siobhan Goodchild   -               Bronze

Solo Championship

Katie Hooper          -                Gold

Joanne Hooper        -                Silver

Kelly-Anne Wise    -                Bronze

Claire Butler            -                4th

Also - Kirsty Johnson, Chloe Huggins        



Natalie Thompson         -           Gold

Grainne Shaughnessy   -            Silver

Helen Morris                  -           Bronze

Frankie Feast                   -          (4th)

Also - Rebecca Davies, Helen Alderson             

Grade 4

Tiffany Wise                    -          Gold

Katie Skelton                   -          Silver

Katie Austin                   -          Bronze

Rachel Broadhead           -           (4th)


Chloe Huggins                 -          Gold

Laura Tyler                       -         Silver

Siobhan Goodchild         -           Bronze

Solo Championship

Katie Hooper                   -           Gold

Kelly-Anne Wise            -            Silver

Chloe Huggins                -           Bronze

Laura Tyler                       -         (4th)

Also - Siobhan Goodchild, Sarah Hale,                      Rachel Watmore             


13/14  Duet  - Tiffany Wise & Katie Skelton


15/16 Figures  -   Kirsty Johnson

13/14 Solo       -    Tiffany Wise

13/14 Team     -   Tiffany Wise, Katie Austin, Sarah Hale, Katie Skelton, Rachel Broadhead, Francesca Feast, Stephanie Mylum, Naomi Schorman,Ami Nevin, Helen Alderson

15/16 Solo       - Kirsty Johnson

15/16 Team     - Kirsty Johnson, Chloe Huggins, Kerrie-Anne Grant, Siobhan Goodchild, Rachel Watmore, Meg Howells


13/14 Duet     -  Katie Austin & Rachel Broadhead

15/16 Figures - Chloe Huggins

15/16 Solo      -  Chloe Huggins

Southern Counties Age Groups - Crystal Palace, April 8th

XLIV Spanish Summer Championship - Palma de Mallorca

18-20th May

The three strong GB senior squad included RR's Abigail Moore (seen left with duet partner Caroline Slssinger and soloist Kerry Hussey. Results sheet is far left

Reading Invitation Novice Competition - 7th July 

Results only

World Championships Fukuoka, Japan  - July

No club or GB swimmers present at the competition - just a quote from Jenny Gray who had been selected to officiate.

'For the first event the Technical Solos, I was assigned Technical Official. I got quite dizzy counting continuous spins and I felt quite sick when Gemma Menguel finished her spin without her toes descending (0.5 penalty). It wasn't the only one I had to give but it was the most unexpected.'


Southern Counties (SCASA)

Crystal Palace -  14th October

Tech Solos & Free Solos

Katie Hooper    -                            Gold

Kelly-Anne  -                     Bronze

Abi Moore(4th), Joanne Hooper, Chloe Huggins

Tech Duets

Joanne Hooper & Katie Hooper     -    Gold

Claire Butler & Kelly-Anne -    (4th)

Free Duets

Joanne Hooper & Katie Hooper     -     Gold

Claire Butler & Kelly-Anne (Wise) -      Bronze


Reading Royals                                 -    Gold



Team   -    Reading Royals   -  12&under


Figures - Grainne Shaughnessy     - 12&under

Duet    -  Grainne Shaughnessy & Helen Morris - 12&under

            -  Tiffany Wise  & Katie Skelton      -  13/14yrs


Solo       - Grainne Shaughnessy  - 12&under

Team    -  Reading Royals - 13/14yrs

'Near misses'  -  Rebecca Davies (12u figures, 12u solo), Katie Skelton (13/14 figures, 13/14 solo), Chloe Huggins & Kirsty Johnson (15/16/17 duet), Rachel Broadhead & Katie Austin(13/14 duet - 4th)

ASA National Age Groups

Ponds Forge, Sheffield 29 & 30th September

British Synchro Championships

Wigan - 3/4th November



Katie Hooper   -  Silver

Kelly-Anne  (4th)

Also Joanne Hooper, Abigail Moore


Katie Hooper   -   Silver

Also Kelly-Anne , Jo Hooper and Abi Moore


Technical & Free

Katie Hooper & Joanne Hooper  - Gold

Claire Butler & Kelly-Anne (4th)


Technical & Free - Reading Royals Silver

Katie H with Andrea Holland

Joanne & Katie Hooper

"When reminded that it is customary for the President to write a few words for the Christmas Show programme I immediately went scurrying for previous programmes to get some idea of earlier contents. This brought back many happy memories, particularly the pamphlet of the history of Reading Royals produced by Jon Hooper for our 25th Anniversary. The club was formed in 1969 and held their first Christmas Show in 1970 -so welcome to our 31st Christmas Show."

Congratulations to Katie and Jo Hooper, Kelly-Anne , Claire Butler, Carla Sanders, Kirsty Johnson, Chloe Huggins, Tiffany Wise, Katie Skelton, Rachel Broadhead, Katie Austin ,Grainne Shaughnessy and Helen Morris for their medal winning performances at National and District level competitions. Special congratulations to Katie Hooper for being awarded the Holland Trophy for being the swimmer with the highest combined routine score at the Nationals. Well done to our Age Group teams at Sheffield winning Gold at 12/U and Bronze for 13/ 14 and 15/17 teams.

At our Berks & S. Bucks competitions Katie Hooper is our overall County Champion and Chloe Huggins our junior champion with congratulations to Kirsty Johnson, Katie Skelton, Tiffany Wise, Natalie Thompson, Sian Kent, Jazmine Stansbury amd the Novice 1 team for their Gold medal winning routines. A special mention must be made of our youngest swimmers who have achieved great success at Rushmoor, Potters Bar ,Ealing, Portsmouth and our own competitions. Well done Amy Russell, Eleanor Whittle, Holly Gurr, Victoria Willis, Alex Leary, Katie Minien,Hazel Burns, Grace Waldron, Amy Caldwell, Becky Thompson and Amy Robertson.

As can be seen from our record of achievement this year we continue to be a very successfulll club ands we have only managed to maintain this success because of the tremendous hard work of our coaches and choreographers and so on behalf of the committee and the swimmers -THANK-YOU. I would also like to thank the various committees for all their hard work because without you the club would not be managed so successfully. My only disappointment this year is the lack of senior GB competitions and I hope, for the swimmers sake, that this is rectified in future.

Pat Jack President Reading Royals SSC

Christmas Show - Central Pool, Reading - December

Club photo

We do not have any photos of the show itself. If you have any please share to - adminroyals@synchrosight.co.uk

Gallery & Other things

Siobhan Goodchild & Rachel Watmore on the podium for 3rd at the ESSA National Schools Championships competition (Duet) The RR pair were swimming for Highdown School, Reading.

GB Seniors Duet at the French Open( left).  Caroline Slssingar and Abi Moore of Reading Royals and the pair again (right) with other squad member Kerry Hussey. Duet girls in their Free costumes.

Abi Moore's  Reading Weekend Post  on what it's like being "Busy on Great Britain duties"

Reading Royals A-Team taken  in April 2001

Jo Hooper, Jen Murtagh, Katie Ford, Abi Moore, Katie Hooper

              Chloe Huggins, Kelly-Anne , Claire Butler