Reading Royals

Through the Year 2000



Technical Solos

Katie Hooper             -                            Gold

Kelly-Ann Wise, Abi Moore

Free Solos

Katie Hooper            -                             Gold

Kelly-Ann Wise, Abi Moore

Technical Duets

Katie Hooper & Kelly-Ann Wise    -    Gold

Claire Butler & Joanne Hooper (4th)

Free Duets

Katie Hooper & Kelly-Ann Wise    -    Gold

Claire Butler & Joanne Hooper      -    Bronze

Images here (right) from the competition. Courtesy Brenda Hooper, taken by late husband Jon.


Reading Royals          -    Gold

Teams Free

Reading Royals         -    Gold

ASA National Championships

The Herons, Haslemere  - 4th/5th March

Results and Holland Trophy presentation

Photo: Swimming Times

Berks & Bucks, May

Weekend Post Report and Results:-

Figures Only

9-12yrs Ungraded       -    Sophie Nevin        -   Silver

              Grade 1          -     Naomi Schorman  -   Silver

                                      -     Jenny Godding - (4th)

              Grade 2          -     Rebecca Davies      -  Gold

                                            Helen Morris    - (5th)

              Grade 3         -      Katie Austin          -   Gold

13-16yrs Grade 2       -      Gemma Webb(4th)

                Grade 3       -      Natalie Thompson  -  Silver


All Age  Grade 4      -       Katie Skelton           -   Silver

Also competed - Jazmine Stansbury, Grainne Shaughnessy, Rachel Broadhead, Rachel Watmore

Potters Bar Competition 17th June

Great Britain seniors were in Helsinki for the Euros. They swam a six due to late withdrawals from the squad. Reading Royals had 3 of the swimmers to travel Katie Hooper, Kelly-Anne Wise and Abigail Moore.

GB Duet post-swim

More team and solo images right and results sheet below.

European Championships

Helsinki - 28th June -9 July

Reading Royals Novice Competition

 1st July - Reading Central Pool

"SUPER HELEN  WINS GOLD" -  Swimmers from Basingstoke, Bracknell, Chiltern, Ealing, Potters Bar, Witney and host club Reading competed at this invitation event.

For newspaper report and photograph - go to our News Archive  HERE

Results (signed off by Jane White)

Three Reading Royals  swimmers were selected for ther junior squad -  Katie Ford, Joanne Hooper & Claire Butler.

Good 7th,8th and 10th places in finals, full results below.

The Junior squad had had nine training camps since selection, some weekends, some longer, in Leicester, Bristol, Exeter, Winchester, Bradfield College culminating in La Santa, Lanzarote on the lead up to the competition.

"They were going to compete with a team of 8, 2 duets and 2 solos. Katie Ford was the most expereinced swimmer at 18 years old and team captain followed by solo swimmers Jo Hooper and Caroline Slssingar 17".

Karen(Thorpe) once again was the head with Annabelle assistant coach(to the swimmers "chief tapper") and me known as Hairy Mooper or Homer as team manager.

The theme this year was Star Wars.

La Santa was the climax to our year's training. The camp was excellent the pool being 50m caused more than a few groans at the beginning of the week when Karen said 1 length doubles of 1 length underwater.

Cockroaches were common but I have never seen the one that dared to enter Karen and Annabelle's room.You have heard of the fisherman's story of the one that got away. I will say no more.

After a day of rest after returning home we flew to Bonn for Junior Europeans.

The meals were buffet style and I still insist that I did not have 4 breakfasts onr morning. It was only coffee each time I promise! During our stay Claire was seen eating spaghetti bolognaise and actually had a photograph taken because we were sure her mum wouldn't believe it when we told her.

The competition was excellent and as usual we met up with old friends and made new ones.

Back at home life is back to normal - for a while anyway. Not sure what I am supposed to say, whether it is "never again" or "Can't wait till next year". Only time will tell. - Mary Hooper.SYNCHRO WORLD

Squad left outside the Frankenbad pool and (right) finalists in the duet event Claire Butler and Katie Ford

Junior Europeans  - Bonn, Germany 20th-23rd July

Nuneaton venue demolished 2008 but replaced with a shiny new one


Figures          -    Tiffany Wise   - Silver

                      -      Katie Austin  - 6th

Solo               -      Tiffany Wise  - Silver

                              Katie Austin  - (4th)

Duet              -      Tiffany Wise & Katie Austin -  Silver

Team             -      Reading Royals    -   Silver

13/14 Yrs

Duet              -    Siobhan Goodchild/Rachel Watmore - 6th

Team             -    Reading Royals        -    Gold

15/16/17 Yrs

Figures          -   Kirsty Johnson   -   9th

Duet              -   Chloe Huggins & Kirsty Johnson  -  Bronze

Team             -    Reading Royals  -   Silver

National Age Groups -

The Pingles, Nuneaton - 4/5th November

Reading Royals have started the New Millennium as we left the last one with continuing success at all levels within the club. The high level of success, reflects well on everyone involved at the club, this means coaches, choreographers, helpers, committee members and of course the vital support and encouragement from parents. The Royals have always been successful, but it is always more difficult to stay at the top, than to reach the top. The total commitment of everybody concerned with the club must continue as in the past, to enable us to keep up our success rate in the future.

To represent your Country, must be one of the greatest ambitions and achievements of any sportsperson and once again many of our girls have gained this honour this year. To all the girls who have taken part in the national squads and International competitions in 2000, on behalf of the club, I would like to say congratulations and to let you all know that we are very proud of you. Girls from our club have also been picked to represent their County and their District in various competitions, once again being highly successful.

The theme of our Christmas Show this year is "The Battle of the Bands", which promises to be a fascinating trip in both music and especially Synchronised swimming, which I am sure that you will enjoy. The show includes all the girls who are club members, from those who have been with us for just a few weeks, to our senior squad girls. The club members have put in a terrific amount of effort to produce the show that you will see today, the effort epitomises how the Reading Royals work together as a team to produce our good results, I feel sure that you will appreciate this when you have seen the show.

Graham Clarkson, President, Reading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club.

Reading Royals Christmas Show - December, Reading Central

Reading Royals form a men's team every year for their Christmas Show. This is allocated club time for training and one of the club's top swimmers as coach This year Carla Dalton and her mum Pat. This year's theme for the show is "Battle of the Bands" and it was decided that the men would swim against some of the club's A-Team. Coach Ian Broadhead penned his "Mens Team" experience for Synchro World and we have selected a 'top ten' of his observations.

The Men's Team: Clive Alderson, Alan Austin, Ian Broadhead, Jon Hooper, and Paul Morris vs Clare Butler, Abi Moore, Jo Hooper, Carla Dalton-Sanders and Kelly Wise.

Training - We line up by the broken window and are all thinking that the draft is very very cold and is therefore a hazard and we should call the session off. We then remember that our daughters swim here without complaining and we continue to huddle together for warmth.

We are now ready to take to the water. Checklist "two nose clips, one tucked into trunks", how deep is the water (it's too murky to see the bottom, I could walk on top of that. We then once again remember that we make our daughters swim here so we continue).

Clive does a racing dive, I do a graceful (i.e painful) belly flop and the rest collapse into the pool. Carla stops the music and asks us to look at our pool pattern (random would be too good a description - we needed a telescope to see Clive.

We now have four of the A-Team present for this session. We are to swim up behind them in order to duck them! When the A-Team eggbeat they tend to have a significant section of their body out of the water and we find we need steps to reach the tops of their heads from our doggy paddle. Clive managed to climb up Claire Butler (I think he used her hair as a rope) and found that she could still eggbeat with him on top of her and still keep her shoulders dry!

The men get a break to recover while Carla works on the A-Team's part of the routine. The problem is they had got it by the time that we flopped out of the water. The wordsthen "Let's go for a swim through were greeted with some expletives not suitable for this article.

Post  Dress Rehearsal - Alan decides to stay in the changing room and talk to himself...as a revenge against his daughter Katie who typically makes him wait around whilst she talks to Tiffany et al.

Show time  - We did manage to store the flowers for Carla and her mum, locked away in the admin office- although we did consider locking Carla and her mum in the Admin office and keeping the flowers!

To summarise, after four practices Carla managed to put together a routine which clearly had the audience entertained. We the coaches in the team now appreciate more and more just how hard it is to achieve even Novice squad standards. I would urge all clubs to consider putting their coaches in the water in front of the girls. (One 10 year old reminds me that my toes were "naughty" and gives me advice - (I think she is coming into my Grade 3 group soon so lots of double arm eggbeater and high verticals in the New Year).

Club Photo at Reading Central

Carla and Pat Dalton and their "flowers"

Gallery & Other things

Diana Singh trying the hat challenge training for Cilla Black's programme 'Moment of Truth'

From Summer 2000 Synchro World's 'Synchro Snippets' feature - is Reading Royal's Di Singh.

The Moment of Truth was a British game show that aired on ITV from 5 September 1998 to 29 September 2001 and was hosted by Cilla Black. Each week, 3 families would get a chance to win fabulous prizes from Cilla's "Dream Directory". These would typically be cars, holidays, televisions etc. and each member of the family would pick a prize that they wanted. However, to earn the prize, one member of the family, usually Mum or Dad but occasionally an older child, had to perform a very tricky task. They were given seven days to practice it, but when they arrived at the studio the next week they had one chance (and one chance only) to get it "right on the night".