1983 &1984

Thru' the Year 1983/1984


Reading Royals

SCASA Championships

22nd November 1983


Karen Moore     -   9th


Kristina Cornish & Rebekah Taylor   -   7th

Jo Seeburg & Nicola Haynes


Reading Royals    -   Silver


'Directed by Brenda Holland the competition brought clubs from all over Europe together. The ability ranged from the GB Team to those who were just starting synchro. Perhaps the highlight was the Reading Royals presentation of Tahiti. This routine which included all members of the club showed how with simple costumes and imaginative choreography even the most elementary skills can be combined to give a spectacular display.' - SYNCHRO WORLD

17th International Synchro Festival  - Central Pool, Reading

17-18th December 1983

GB Team


The first ever issue of Synchro World with its shiny colour cover!(right).

The Editor of synchro's "very own magazine" was and still is, one Jennifer Gray (now MBE).

The cover photo on the magazine is of Caroline Holmyard (Bristol Central)- the 1983 National Solo Champion.

Issue 2 cover carried a photograph of Carolyn Wilson (Rushmoor swimmer) named Swimmer of the Year for her GB exploits (European Solo and Duet Champion 1981 and 1983 and an 'of its time' Speedo Swimwear advert.                  >

Synchro World from its outset ran a readers letter feature called "Splashback" .Early penned messages were mostly responding to the launch of the magazine as was Carolyn Holmyard ......                    >

"Greetings from British Columbia

I am staying with Biz Price, one of the Canadian National B team, who has now turned to professional coaching. I am here for 3 short weeks to work on figures as a booster before the '5' nations. The Vancouver Aquasonics have been very kind to me and I will return home happy with the knowledge that I am training on the 'right' things.  Britain really needs a magazine like this". With best wishes Caroline

and one from another correspondent.......                           >

"Congratulations on a brave effort to a very limited clientele......

My main subject of agreement concerns the ASA Nationals at Crystal Palace where you criticised some members of the audience who thought that every movement by their club members should be applauded. In the ASA Age-Groups this "orchestrated applause was most noticeable. I say "orchestrated" because it is practised by some clubs until it is a work of art. In fact I was sitting behind one judge who while junging was so awakened by this applause that she almost fell from the podium. I imagine that she must have thought she midssed something and promptly gave the highest mark."


Scasa Age Group Championships

Bracknell 14th April 1984 (and 20th October)


12&under              -       Louise Rutter      -  Bronze

13/14yrs                 -       Joanne Luckett  -  Silver

17 & over              -        Sally Manning    -  Silver


12&under              -       Louise Rutter     -   Bronze

13/14yrs                 -       Joanne Luckett -   Gold

                                        Sarah Northey   -    Silver

                                        Susie Vockins     -   Bronze

17 & over               -       Sally Manning    -   Silver


13/14yrs       -  Emma Clark & Vicky Elson      -  Gold

                     -   Sue Vockins & Joanne Luckett  -  Silver

                     -   Sarah Northey & Alison Maybury    -  Bronze

15/16yrs      -    Jo Seeburg/Sam Allen                  -  Silver

17 & over    -   Karen Moore & Sally Manning  -  Gold

                     -   Kristina Cornish & Rebekah Taylor   - Bronze


12&under   -   Reading Royals                             - Silver

13/14yrs                                                                  - Gold

15/16yrs                                                                   - Silver

17 & over                                                                 - Silver


11/12yrs    -   Louise Rutter     -             Bronze

13/14yrs   -    Joanne Luckett -                Gold

                      Sara Northey     -                Silver

                      Susie Vockins    -                Bronze

13/14yrs Team Gold

Competing clubs were :- Barnet Copthall, Bramston Concordes, Brent Flamingoes, Cetacea Aquatic Art School, Jersey Etaile, Metropolitan Diving School, Newham Synchronettes, Reading Royals, Rushmoor.

Post SCASA - Evening Post 18th April 1984 via BNA

Reading Royals swimmers in the squad. Joanne Seeburg 4th in the Solo and Jo and club colleague Samantha Allen finished in the bronze position in the Duet. The Team in bronze after figures  were just deprived of a medal by a point  in the last swim (Switzerland) of the day. Team swims for  Nicky Wilson and Vicky Elson

'.....During the French duet, the French coach gave a delightful demonstration of how to coach a duet from the side. Her finger snapping, hand and arm movements, foot tapping and bobbing up and down, fitted to the music perfectly!She was quite put out when asked to sit down and keep her hands in her lap....'   - A parent's view

The Reading quartet Wilson, Allen, Seeburg and Elson - at Central.

England Age Group International

Oslo - 1st-3rd June

Berks & South Bucks Intermediate and Novice Competition - 14th July 

Figure results 

Evening Post 17th July 1983 via British Newspaper Archive

No RR swimmers in the Gold Medal GB Juniors winning team, but the club was represented by ex swimmer Andrea Holland who was Coach for the competition/trip.

European Junior Championships

The Hague, 6th-9th August


A coach's view:

The European Championships were for me a highlight of my career so far. lt's a wonderful feeling going to a major international hoping that you manage to win a medal, whatever colour, and coming away with gold and silver.

The girls in the prelims could have swum better, but despite this we came first, which meant we had an excellent draw for the final - last. lt was a nice feeling knowing the routine got good.marks, but yet knowing the girls could swim it so much better. And they did! They were tremendous. I ended up with a big lump in my throat ...the other countries were with them all the way, clapping from beginning to end and the girls really rose to the occasion.

Even nowI look at the video and can hardly believe that they were the same girls l'd nagged to death all year!

Many congratulations Nicki, Lisa, Jayne,Jenny, Lian, Amanda, Angela, Michelle, Rachel and not forgetting Morwenna our non-travelling reserve. You were a super squad to work with and I wish you all the best for future competitions.

Thanks also to Margaret Coyne who did an excellent job as team manager - I hope you enjoyed the year as much as I did. -ANDREA HOLLAND

Swiss Open Championships

Sally Manning and Karen Moore swam for Reading Royals in a competition which included Maryn Visnicki and Sylvie Frechette. Sally 10th in the Solo and as a pair finishing 13th in Duet.


12&under     -    Louise Rutter & Julia Svensen     -       Gold

13/14yrs        -    Sarah Northey & Alison Maybury -    Gold

                       -    Emma Clark  & Victoria Elson      -     Silver

                       -    Joanne Luckett & Susan Vockins -      4th

15/16yrs         -  Joanne Seeburg & Samantha Allen -   Gold

                       -    Nicola Wilson & Sarah Hartley         - 4th


12&under       -      Louise Rutter       -    (4th)

13/14yrs          -      Emma Clark         -    Gold

                        -       Sarah Northey     -    (4th)

Also Vicky Elson,Joanne Luckett, Alison                                Maybury,  Susie Vockins,

15/16yrs          -      Joanne Seeburg    -    Bronze

Sarah Northey & Alison Maybury

Louise Rutter & Julia Svensen

National Age Groups

Sharston Pool, Manchester - 29-30th September


13/14yrs      -  Reading Royals                -        Gold

15/16yrs     -           RR                                        Silver

Jo Seeburg & Sammy Allen

Evening Post 24th June 1984 Courtesy BHA

ASA National Championships

Gloucester 3rd/4th November

Solo Routine Championship

Sally Manning                     -                 10th

Joanne Seeburg  (Jnr)        -                 (3rd)


Joanne Seeburg & Samantha Allen    -   4th

Emma Clark & Vicky Elson                   

Rebekah Taylor & Kristina Cornish    


Reading Royals                                 -      5th

        RR Team

Evening Post via BNA

Competing clubs:- Aqualina, Abbey Wood, Barnet Copthall, Bedford Collegiate, Bristol Central, Bristol & District, Calne Alpha Four, Cetacea AA School, City of Exeter City of Westminster, Dunstable, Edinburgh Synchro, Jersey Etaile, Merto Driving School, MPS Calderdale, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Newton Abbot, Newham Synchronettes, Portsmouth Victoria, Reading Royals, Rushmoor, Rugby.

Gallery & Other things

ESSA SYNCHRO CHAMIONSHIPS - Bedford School 7th April

"The standard continues to rise and this year the competition was won by the Kendrick School team from Reading who were entering for the first time. The team consisted of Tina Cornish, Jane Daniels, Sarah Hartley and Pat Hawthorne" - all RR swimmers

SALLY MANNING and GB - Evening Post Article 12th January 1985 

British Newspaper Archive


In the sunshine of Los Angeles, GB Synchro were participating in the first ever  Olympic Synchronised Swimming Solo and Duet. Caroline Holmyard and Carolyn Wilson finished 4th - and the former 6th in the Solo.

Take a few minutes to take a look at the routine by clicking on the 'deck image' below. Overall the footage is 12 minutes long but the routine itself starts at 6:27. Of interest to some is that the commentary is is shared by none other than the famed Esther Williams who also appears on camera in the introduction. With some US adverts and Daley Thompson in the Decathlon and the iconic olympic stadium thrown in - well worth a look.

Whatever clubs they swam for and whatever the era  - a fantastic achievement

Getty Images: ABC Photo Archives