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17th January

Reading Royals recipients on the night were :-


Female Achiever of the Year - Isobel and Eleanor Blinkhorn


Helper/Loyalty Award - Jocelyn Crowland and Mike Gray


Pride of Reading Award - Katie Clark

Swimmer of the Year

Reading Royals' swimmer of the year for 2017 is Eleanor Blinkhorn. Eleanor received her trophy at the club's Awards Night on the 24th February.



Videos reflecting on the RR year

Saturday 25th March 2017

SE Novice Competition at Central Pool, Reading.

Results (Top 10 only)

Skill 0 12& Under


Charlie Razell - 5th

Natalie Sciarra - 7th


Skill 1 12& Under


Louisa Horlock - 4th

Alice Bloomfield - 5th

Florence Blinkhorn - 6th

Lily Rose Hawkins - 10th

Skill 1 13& Over


Miela Evans Grubiak - 5th

Full Results - HERE

This year's Champs renewal saw the club compete in just two of the swim categories. There was no representation in Solo's, Duet 's or Team Technical .







The first day, Saturday, started with Junior Figures. Teri-Faye Coupar finished best at 11th for RR. We swam the Team Combination finishing 5th and the Free Team 7th.


Slider's right with images from the day. Contols on mouseover.


Swim England - full results HERE





ASA Nationals -Nottingham -

April 22nd/23rd


17th Promorje Cup - Rijeka, Croatia

8th-11th June

"Primorje Synchro Cup is a competition for age group 13-15 and age group 15-18 (juniors) and is listed in LEN calendar. Primorje Synchro Cup (PSC) is the only international competition in synchronized swimming in Croatia and it is registered in the LEN calendar. The first PSC was held in 1997. and it was originally designed as a part of the celebration of the patron saint of city Rijeka, St. Vitus. It is always held in late June, except last year, when at that time we had the European Championship in synchronized swimming for juniors. PSC annually welcomes about 150 swimmers from clubs and national teams all over Europe." - PSC

Reading Royals' swimmers Mimi, Alyssa, Issy, Eleanor and Cerys (not in order here) competing in Croatia this weekend, at Stanstead.


The competition commences on Friday. Schedule HERE

Training session pre figures today (9th June)

Figures under way.

Figure results

Great news in the 13-15 Solo. Gold and Bronze respectively for Mimi Gray and Isobel Blinkhorn

Alyssa Basinger and Mimi finished with a great Silver in the Duet competition. Their Routine score was tops but not by quite enough to overcome the Turkish girls who led after figures. The margin was .38 of a mark.

All 5 Reading girls, Mimi, Alyssa, Isobel, sister Eleanor Blinkhorn and Cerys Larsen swam in the Free Team and duly finished in the Gold spot. Well done on what was clearly a very good weekend!


Full detailed results on the right. Click pop up arrow.

swim england


Images: courtesy Foto Kurti

Junior Europeans -

Belgrade, Serbia 21st - 24th June

Preliminary Team swim today (21/06) with GB ranking 9th with a 78.2. Clickable Images from Sinronoplivanje site on the left.

GB eighth in Combo preliminary scoring 78.1.

Some very good photography from the competition.

Courtesy Savez za sinhrono plivanje RS

Jon Taylor images

Good luck to Harriette Smith and the GB Junior Squad who left for Belgrade today.

GB maintained their eighth place ranking in the Combo final with an improved 79.33 mark.

Image (left) is of Sally Robinson (nee Manning) winning a silver at the French Masters in Toulouse.

Sally was a RR and GB swimmer up until 1984/1985 so this represents a return to competition after some lay off!

Swimming Solo in the ' Combine Open', Sally was just over a mark off of top spot on the podium.

French Masters Championships

Toulouse 24-25th June

FINA World Masters -

Budapest 7th-13th August

On a rather rainy day in Budapest, Sally Robinson, RR's only representative at the competition, ranked a great 9th in her Solo Technical swim.

On a much better day weather wise in Budapest yesterday, Sally Robinson ranked 5th in the Solo Free. Looked like she enjoyed it. See for yourself - Routine HERE.


Waiting for marks - HERE

Result Sheets







12&U - Reading Royals - Silver

Bethan Jones, Danae Botsidis, Francesca Pringle,

Hannah Fox, Mulan Su,Naomi Morgan, Sofija Dakovic,

Isabella Vorster, Natalie Sciarra, Cara Zeidler












13-15yrs - Reading Royals - 5th

Emily McGinn, Katrina Shipley, Miela Evans-Grubiak

Katy Felton, Milly Coleman, Catherine Gowing














12&U - Natalie Sciarra - Silver 13-15yrs - Katie Felton - Silver

Swim England SE Combination

- K2 Crawley, 23rd September

These two squads have been busy over the last couple of weeks taking in the Combo Cup in Manchester as well. Clickable images from the two days on the slider (right)


Crawley, 13th/14th October


More images from the Solo warm-up session - slider right session

The meet promised to be a good one for the club - and swimmers, coachers and support staff certainly delivered.

Figures overall SE

12&under - Rebecca Saunders - Gold

Hayley Pullen - Silver

Madeleine Staples, Ameila Gelder


13-15yrs - Mimi Gray - Gold

Alyssa Basinger (4th), Beatrice Crass

Tara Dakovic, Isobel Blinkhorn


15-18yrs - Teri-Faye Coupar, Harriette Smith

13-15yrs solo images

Duet overall SE

12 & under - Rebecca Saunders/Madeleine Staples - Gold


13-15yrs - Mimi Gray/Alyssa Basinger - Gold

Isobel Blinkhorn/Eleanor Blinkhorn - Silver

Tara Dakovic/Beatrice Crass - Bronze


15-18yrs - Alex Turrell/Harriette Smith (4th) 3rd

Isobel Turrell/Cerys Larsen

Solo overall SE

12& under - Hayley Pullen - Gold

- Rebecca Saunders - Silver

Madeleine Staples

12&under and 15/18yrs solo images

15-18yrs - Teri-Faye Coupar Bronze



13-15yrs - Mimi Gray - Gold

- Isobel Blinkhorn - Silver

- Eleanor Blinkhorn (4th)

13-15yrs duet images

12&under and 15-18yrs duet images


12& under - Reading Royals - Gold

13-15yrs - Reading Royals (Snow White) -Gold

15-18yrs - Reading Royals - Bronze


Team Images

12& under team - Madeleine Staples, Rebecca Saunders, Hayley Pullen, Amelia Gelder, Eva Patrick, Louisa Horlock, Alice Bloomfield, Florence Blinkhorn, Charlie Razzell


Competition Results

13-15yrs team(Mowtown) Alice Saunders,

Tara Evans, Rebecca Blakey, Mia Palmer,

Molly Sexton, Claudia Connellan,

Lottie Moghul, Ksenia Alexandrova,

EmiliaWood, MarthaCrowland

13-15yrs team (Snow White) Mimi Gray, Isobel Blinkhorn, Alyssa Basinger, Eleanor Blinkhorn, Rachael Newman, Tara Dakovic, Beatrice Crass, Madison Squire, Jess Smith

15-18yrs team Alex Turrell, Harriette Smith, Teri-Faye Coupar, Anna Boehning, Anna Welland, Isabel Turrell, Cerys Larsen

Clickable images of medal winners

Time this weekend for the annual trek to Glasgow for the Scottish Nationals/Age Groups . The club sent a clutch of swimmers to compete with great results...

Rebecca Saunders and Madeleine Staples finished 1 and 2 in 12 & Under figures, the pair split at the top by just .022

In the Junior competition Anna Welland just missed the podium in the 15 & Over age group finishing 4th in Figures with Teri-Faye Coupar and Cerys Larsen within a point in 6th and 7th. Anna W was also 4th in the Solo event. Full results below.

Many thanks to Scottish Swimming and @Royals Synchro for the images used here.

Scottish Nationals and Age Groups - Drumchapel, Glasgow

28th October

Manchester, 4th November

Mimi Gray: Emerging Athlete of the Year - Synchronised Swimming

Well done Mimi. Click the microphone for the interview


British Swimming and Swim England awards within a week. Not bad going! More from the Swim England National Awards 2017

Full Results

A big "well done" to Angela Boitsidis who - after some time out of the pool - picked up a great silver at National Masters

Nationals Masters - Rugby, 4th November

Wonderful Championships for the club with Reading Royals picking up 7 of the 12 national titles. Particular mention for Mimi Gray (once again) and Madeleine Staples who both completed the Solo, Duet, Team treble. Mimi picked up another in figures for good measure.

(Day 1) Figures

13-15yrs - Mimi Gray - Gold

12 & Under - Rebecca Saunders - (4th)


Some Figure Images

Images from the swims below

(Day 1) Duets

12& Under - Rebecca Saunders / Madeleine Staples - Gold

13-15yrs - Alyssa Basinger/ Mimi Gray - Gold

- Eleanor & Isobel Blinkhorn - Silver

- Beatrice Crass/ Tara Dakovic - (4th)

15-18yrs - Harriette Smith/ Alexandra Turrell

- Cerys Larsen/Isabel Turrell

(Day2) Solos

13-15yrs Mimi Gray - Gold

Isobel Blinkhorn - Bronze

Alyssa Basinger, Eleanor Blinkhorn


12& under Madeleine Staples - Gold

Rebecca Saunders - Silver

Hayley Pullen


15-18yrs Teri-Faye Coupar

Solo images on the slider right

Team images, 12U and 15/18yrs left and 13/15yrs on the right.

Reading Royals Teams

12 & under - Gold

13-15yrs (Snow White) - Gold


15-18yrs - Silver

Swim England Full Results

Gloucester 26th/27th November

"Our performance this year, entitled 'Until Next Time.....' is built around a long history Reading Royals' swimmers and coaches have had with Central Pool which is due to close in January 2018. Central has been a consistent feature of our training programme and has been the venue that has developed the talent of many of our swimmers from beginners through to Olympians" - Robert Blinkhorn Chair of Reading Royals Synchronised Swimming Club

"Welcome to the 2017 Reading Royals' Christmas Show, this year with a nostalgic theme...... I am sure lots of you have happy memories of these shows over the years". Jeanne Clark - RRSSC President

Christmas Show 10th December

- Central Pool, Reading











Sliders below with images from the camcorder footage.




Teams & General 1