Berks & Bucks County Champs

Bracknell - Feb 7th

SANDRA JACK took gold in the figures section of the senior championships as Reading Royals picked up a massive haul of medals of the Berks and South Bucks County Championships and Grade Four Synchronised Swimming Competition at Bracknell Sports Centre last Saturday. Jack was joined on the podium by Siobhan Goodchild who took bronze. Helen Morris took gold for figures in the junior championship and also achieved overall silver for her figure results in the senior competi-tion. Katie Austin won silver in the junior figures section with Grainne Shaughnessey taking bronze. In the grade four competition Isobel Hale took gold in the figure section with Victoria Willis winning the silver. In the grade four and championship competition the girls were challenged with Kip Twist Spin (2.5), Walk Over Back Closing 360 (2.6), Flamingo Bent Knee Spinning 180 (2.5) and Aurora (2.5). And Jack's confident and well-controlled figures made her a clear winner in the senior championships. Morris was second with Siobhan Goodchild taking bronze.

Morris put in an equally strong and confident per formance to earn her top spot in the junior competi-tion, ahead of Austin and Shaughnessey. In the grade four competition, Hale's care-fully performed figures gave her first position ahead of Willis. Shaughnessey's elegant and stylish performance gave her the overall gold in both the senior and junior sections of the solo championships. Melanie DeVoy took sil-ver in both both the junior and senior championships) with her excellent swim to music from the film "Mummy". Excellent Her routine demonstrat-ed strong confident moves and excellent flexibility. Morris took the bronze medal in both senior and junior championships with a graceful performance to music from "Rough Guide

To The Andes". In the championships duets Goodchild and Sarah Hale took gold with a strong and artistic duet to music from "Lord of the Rings". Jenny Gooding and Sian Marie Kent were in the sil-ver medal position. They swam a fast and lively routine to music with a science fiction theme.




Katie Clark - Silver

Rebecca King - Bronze


12& Under

Emily Holmes - 6th

13/14 yrs

Isobel Hale - 8th


15,16,17 yrs

Grainne Shaunessey - Bronze

Katie Skelton - 4th

Helen Morris - 8th

Helen Anderson - 10th




Free Team

Reading Royals 12&Under - Gold

RR 13/14 yrs - Gold

RR 15,16,17yrs - Gold

RR 18 & Over - Silver


Free Solo


Katie Skelton - Bronze


Free Duet


Emily Holmes & Megan Rothery - Silver



Alex Harris & Ava Pierro - Bronze


15,16, 17yrs

Katie Skelton & Katie Austin - Silver

Southern Counties Age Group - Crawley, 4th April

Rushmoor Novice Comp - May

Potters Bar Competition


RRSSC 35th Anniversary Celebration - 10th July

XIV Comen Cup - Egypt

5th-8th August


FIVE girls from Reading Royals were selected to represent England in Egypt in August.


The girls – Rebecca Davies, Helen Morris, Jazmine Stansbury, Grainne Shaughnessy and Melanie DeVoy.



Clickables : image right is the Synchro World extract Aug 2004

The team finished 8th in the Free.

......Bit of a squeeze for the Combo?

Cuttings here, again from Synchro World, the girls being asked on their return what they learnt from their trip....

Technical Solo

Carla Sanders - Bronze


Technical Duet

Carla Sanders & Sandra Jack - Bronze

ASA 12th National Masters

11th September

Free Solo


Carla Sanders - Gold


Free Duet


Carla Sanders & Sandra Jack - Silver

ASA National Age Groups

Wigan International Pool - 25/26 September



Emily Holmes & Megan Rothery - 4th



Katie Skelton & Katie Austin - Bronze

Helen Morris & Jenny Godding - 4th


12 & Under

Megan Rothery - 4th

Emily Holmes - 5th

Katie Clark - 6th



Melanie Devoy - Gold



Helen Morris - 8th


12& Under

Megan Rothery - 5th

Emily Holmes - 6th

Katie Clark - 7th



Melanie Devoy - Gold

Millgate, Wigan pool closed in 2008


12& Under Reading - Gold

13/14yrs - 4th

15/16/17yrs - Silver

Some images from the day

"In the 13/14 age group the swimmers that were part of the ASA Youth Team have clearly benefited from the training camps and competition experience. While this is a positive step, there is a gap apperaing between these swimmers and the rest of the age group. Melanie Devoy is looking strong with good leg extension and flexibility.


Another gap has been created in the 15-17 age group where Hanney Massey and Jenna Randall have benefited from international experince of competing in the World events this year. Unfortunately GB do not have the funds to provide this type of training for the majority of swimmers, however we can look much harder at what is being done in the clubs to try and bridge that gap"


Adele Carlsen GB Tech Director) for SYNCHRO WORLD

British Championships-