Reading Royals' swimmers

Emma Clark: Emma is a member of the Reading Royals and is

coached by Ron Spencer. Emma has just completed her A levels

and had to sit one paper at the Majorca Open event. She has'

been a member of the Age-group and Junior England teams.


Joanne Luckett non travelling reserve: Jo is another member of

the Reading Royals and came back to synchro after an inforced

retirement through a bad back! Fortunately the problem lay

elsewhere which allowed Jo to return to the sport and gain

success in the 1988 Nationals. She was a member of the age-

group team for two years and this year has coached her school

team into success at the English School Championships.

Sarah Northey: Sarah is a member of Reading Royals and is coached by Carolyn Wilson, Andrea Holland and Laurie Rutter. Sarah has many major acheivements including seventh in the solo at the Junior European Championships and second in the

duet in the same event. Her ambition is to swim with dolphins, to touch Arnold Shwarzeneger's muscles and to pass her driving test soon!

GB Senior Squad






From 1989

Joanne Seeburg: Jo is a member of the Reading Royals and has been swimming since 1977. She was taught to swim by Anne Dudding who introduced her to synchro. She has a vigorous training session which includes daily sessions of all aspects of synchro. Her major achievement was to be a member of the 1988 squad in Seoul where she was unfortunately injured.

she lists her ambitions as being able to do a sub-crane without whinging or having a panic attack and her hobby as talking onthe phone for at least two hours a day.


11/12yrs - Sam Luckett - Solo

13/14yrs - Linda Macrae - Solo

13/14yrs - Reading Royals - Team

15/16yrs - Louise Fishleigh - Figures

15/16yrs - Reading Royals - Team



13/14yrs - Linda Macrae - Figures, Duet

- Melissa Svenson - Duet

15/16 - Louise Fishleigh - Duet

- Lisa Wathen - Duet



11/12yrs - K.Clarkson - Duet

K.Goodall - Duet

- Louise Fishleigh - Solo

17 & Over - Vicky Maybury - Figures, Solo

Southern Counties Age Groups - Bracknell, 15th April /6th May (St George's)

Berks & South ASA Bucks Synchro

Central Pool, Reading - 4th May


Inter - RR Swimmer - Figures

G4 - Rowena Grainger - Figures

- Melissa Svenson - Solo

Champion/Senior - Vicky Maybury - Figures, Solo

Junior - Lisa Wathen - Solo



Novice (12U) - Reading Royals - Team

(Open) - Reading Royals - Team

Inter - Katie Goodall - Figures, Duet

- K.Clarkson - Duet

G4 - Kirsty Runnalls - Figures

- Rowena Grainger - Solo

Champion - Susie Vockins - Figures

Senior - Lindsay Smith - Figures

Junior - Louise Fishleigh - Figures, Solo



Novice - Kelly Wise - Figures

Inter - Rebecca Williams - Figures

G4 - Melissa Svenson - Figures

- Samantha Hawthorne - Solo

Senior - Lisa Wathen - Figures

Junior - Linda Macrae - Figures

Naomi Taylor - Solo

Louise Rutter was the lone RR representative in the GB Juniors in the year.

"We met at Heathrow at 1pm on Wednesday 10th May, well ten of us did, others decided to visit the terminals. (l wouldn't embarrass the West girls by mentioning their names!


I think we expected our hotel to be a bit nearer Paris, it was in fact about 30 minutes from the centre of Paris in Cergy Pontoise.


That evening there was a reception at the town hall where countries exchanged gifts.Whilst there we got the figure results and we learned we were lying 2nd in the team, a result that I for one had not expected.


Collette (Geier) earned a silver medal for her exciting routine swim, with her noseclip hanging off, we didn't notice and neither did the judges.


Saturday was the day, a chance for the team. We walked through in the sun while Collette and Louise trained, They watched Carolyn demonstrating her splits in the water. How

embarrassing when the coaches splits are flatter than the whole teams!


ln the duet finals Collette and Louise produced another excellent swim gaining second place to the Canadians.


Our excitement grew as time drew near for the team, the parade was lovely as the parents bought us all a red rose to carry. We swam ninth out of ten. I think we all swam our hearts out and gained another eight silver medals.


We returned home on Sunday morning and passing at a distance the Eiffel Tower and Sacre Coeur, on the plane the captain gave us yet more champagne. We had a thoroughly enjoyable few days. Thankyou to all the coaches, Carolyn, Rosie and Caroline and to the Team Manager, Carol."


Swimmer report extracts:-

GB Juniors, (near)Paris - 10th May

19th European Synchro Champs

Bonn 12th/20th August

Emma Clark, Jo Seeburg (both Team) and Sarah Northey (Duet/Team competed. Both duet and team finished in 4th position. Full results bottom right.

Swimmers Collette, Kerry and Sarah with coach Caroline Francis


GB Seniors were in the French capital for the FINA event. There was no invite for the GB Team as this was based on World Championship performance, a pity because the Dutch were present and GB had beaten them at the Europeans.


RR's Sarah Northey swam Figures and Duet (into 6th place) and was subsequently selected for the Commonwealth Games in New Zealand.

"For those coaches and parents who made the trip to Paris for the FINA World Cup, I am sure it was a competition never to be forgotten. It was an opportunity to see the very best of World Synchro on our 'door step'. It is a pity not more made the journey. It was a competition for the Americans to prove they were again the best in the world, the Canadians to try and prove that they can win without Carolyn Waldo and for the Japanese to say, we are the best at choreography and don't forget it!" - SYNCHRO WORLD

GB - IV Fina World Cup -

Paris September

National Age Groups - Sharston, Manchester - 24th September


12U - Samantha Luckett - Gold

Katie Goodall (5th)

13/14yrs - Linda Macrae (best)

15/16yrs - Louise Fishleigh(4th)

Helen Smith



12U - Samantha Luckett - Gold

Sam Luckett

12&Under Team

Lisa Wathen and Louise Fishleigh


12U - K.Clarkson/KatieGoodall - Bronze

13/14yrs - M.Svensen/Linda Macrae(4th)

15/16yrs - Lisa Wathen/Loise Fishleigh - Bronze



12U - Reading - Gold

13/14yrs- Reading - Bronze

15/16yrs - Reading - Silver

13/14 Team



Silver - Jo Seeburgh/Samantha Allen

Bronze - Emma Clark/Sarah Northey




Gold - Reading Royals

Southern Counties Championships - St Georges

14th October



Silver - Sarah Northey

Bronze - Joanne Seeburg




Snr- Silver - Sarah Northey

Jnr- Bronze - Louise Fishleigh


Sarah Northey Duet podium Louise Fishleigh


National Championships -

Gloucester4th/5th November


Sarah Northey - Silver

Joanne Seeburg(4th) Vicky Maybury(6th) Louise Rutter(10th)






Sarah Northey - Silver

Jo Seeburg (4th)

Victoria Maybury(6th)






Emma Clark/Sarah Northey - Silver

Jo Seeburg/Samantha Allen - Bronze





Team (Redwood Trophy)

Reading Royals - Gold


"Jo and Sam produced another highly entertaining routine and since they have now both 'hung up their nose clips' their routines will be sadly missed. They have been a highlight of many a National Championships".

Gallery & Other things

21 YEARS......



......1989 was a landmark in the history of British Synchronised Swimming, celebrating 21 years of Great Britain Teams.


It was 21 teams prior that the ASA recognised that Synchro was an

international sport and sent the first team to Paris.


The image left is from that period and was one of a number that appeared in SYNCHRO WORLD reflecting back on GB Synchro. To see the context of the snap, please go to the site's "Seventies" page

Gallery & Other things

Siobhan Goodchild & Rachel Watmore on the podium for 3rd at the ESSA National Schools Championships competition (Duet) The RR pair were swimming for Highdown School, Reading.

GB Seniors Duet at the French Open)left). Caroline Slssingar and Abi Moore of Reading Royals and the pair again (right) with other squad member Kerry Hussey. Duet girls in their Free costumes.

Reading Royals A-Team taken in April 2001


Jo Hooper, Jen Murtagh, Katie Ford, Abi Moore, Katie Hooper

Chloe Huggins, Kelly-Anne Wise, Claire Butler