The Seventies


Reading Royals Christmas Show 1970 - 19th December

15 months on from being founded (14th September 1969) the  club produced its first ever Christmas Show. A seat for the show cost one shilling (5p)!

Reading town centre - Christmas 1970


Left to right: Kim Slade, Linda Carcas, Kim Beat, Mary Russell, Anne Thompson, Linda Blake, Sandra Jones,

Jane Fich, Eileen McEnhill, Susan McEnhill, Hilary Fitch, Miriam Davis, Joanna Sim, Kathleen Townsend

Heather Cameron, Patricia Bell, Jackie Cox, Linda Mahon-Daly, Jackie Mullen, Jackie Sim, Karen Gardiner,

Janet Marven, Diane Goddard, Lorraine Carcas, Jenny Tee, Lynne Martin, Susan Macdonald, Judy Wood,

Patricia Ash-Edwards, Gillian Cole, Sharon Beabey, Margaret Reeve, Elizabeth Sutton, Irene Balmer.

Photo:  thanks to ex swimmer Sarah Clough for the photo

Reading Royals


The first A-Team

Maples Trophy winners at SCASA 

Left to right:-

Sherry Beaby, Linda Mahon-Daly, Jackie Sim, Andrea Holland, Jackie Cox, Margaret Reeve, Elizabeth Sutton, Jackie Mullen, Pat Ash-Edwards

1975 -  National Championships


First winners  of the Redwood Trophy

Left to right:-

Andrea Holland, Jackie Cox, Pat Ash-Edwards, Kay Spencer, Margart Reeve, Sherry Beaby, Jeanette Parr and Linda Mahon-Daly

For the previous two years the 'Gala' had been held in Zurich and GB were hosting for the first time. Extracts here from the programme relating to the club and GB,  kindly supplied by ex RR Swimmer Sarah Ford (nee Hartley).

Andrea Holland, Ann Clark (Manager), Jackie Cox, Anne Russell, Kay Spencer, Carolyn Wilson, Brenda Holland (Coach), Judy Garratt, Jacinta Murray, Angela Kenyon, Catherine Young

JACKIE COX- GB and European Solo and Duet Champion.

Jackie who learnt to swim at age 7, took up syncho at 9. She joined the Reading club at the age of 11 where she has remained. Formerly she trained daily in between school lessons at various swimming pools. Now swimming is her full time occupation, the present aim being to qualify for the 3rd World Championships in West Berlin next year. More at bottom of the section

Image (right) of the then GB team which at the time contained three RR swimmers. The full programme notes are clickabe at the bottom of the section.

THE GREAT BRITAIN DUET - Andrea Holland and Jackie Cox

Andrea Holland is a member of Reading Royals Synchro Club and has been a member of the Great Britain squad for a number of years. Selected to swim at the World Championships in Cali, Columbia 1975, she missed the competition when dislocating her shoulder in a team practice. Since then she has become one of GB's leading synchronised swimmers and swims the GB Duet with Jackie Cox. The pair won gold in the 1977 European Championships in Sweden.

Actual pages from the programme which contain a little more information

11th International Synchronised Swimming Festival - 1977

The "Reading Royals" founded in 1969 started with approximately 11 girls and now comprises membership of 100. Through the years they have gone from strngth to strength. Above are the 1976 Team National Champions.

Swimmers are Andrea Holland, Phillipa Sutton, Sally Melbon,Sherry Deaby, Diane Anderson, Linda Mahon-Daly, Margaret Reeve, Katherine Russell (Chronicle order)

Line-ups for the Reading Chronicle of Friday 22nd December 1978

The show had a Disneyland theme. Some stills below from the show.

Reading Royals Aquashow 1978

Poolside with 'props' for the show

Reading Royals Aquashow 

- 1979

Show was themed "Far Away Places" and year thought to be 1978 or 1979 and a programme still seems to have been priced at 10p !

A couple of images below....

Group shot back row in green far left is Sarah Hartley, 3rd from left back row Tina Cornish.

Front row in peach far left Catherine Dart, far right Phillippa Pascoe

If anyone can put more names to faces please email Phil, - adminroyals@synchrosight.co.uk

Many thanks to Sara Ford (Hartley)for raiding her scrapbook and sharing the images!

Gallery & Other things


Reading Chronicle piece on RR swimmers perfoming in Burlington, Vermont, USA following that city's team 'The WaterWheels' being in Reading the previous year.

Sadly, the USA synchro club which were still in the news up to 1991 appear now either to have folded or changed their identity/moved. Presumably their name originates from the synchro term itself. If any of our American visitors knows any more, please share.

As an aside while searching for the 'WaterWheels' we came across the You Tube posted "This is Synchronised Swimming". A 1958 film and whilst not one of Hollywood's most expensive productions,  is nevertheless a wonderful archive look at an introduction to synchro and its skills. Take a look - there is even a water wheel demo at 7:50.

Back left third person in is Doug Moore coach, tall blonde with fringe to his left daughter Karen Moore

On sofa with blonde hair and bare arms Carolyn Flight, above her white top her younger sister Amanda, smiley shorter lady to her right is Phillippa Pascoes sister (Louise?)


- Early Seventies

Great Britain Squad in 1970


A break during training during a GB squad weekend in 1971


from left to right:

Jennifer Robb, 'Shine' Connelley. Linda Francis,

Maureen Nievens. Dawn Zajac (coach), Mavis Wyatt, Susan Rakic, Pamela Wheeler, Jenny Lane.

Dusseldorf 1972.The first time the Dolphin Trophy came to England

Both of the photos below appeared in the Feb'89 edition of Syncho World in an article "looking back over 21 years of Synchro". On the left is the "two National Squads of 1973" and the right "A duet pair 1975". If anyone can help with names, please email. Both images clickable. (Jane Holland, Josephine Mitchell?) - See Worlds results.

1974 squad with some nominted District swimmers

GB took Gold in Solo. Duet and Team at the 1974 Europena Aquatics Championships in Vienna. It was a combined discipline championship where GB collected  5 golds overall, three of them being in Synchronised Swimming.

1977 Esslingen, Germany team/squad in swimgear and travel gear!

GB Synchro were the only aquatic Gold Medal winners at the 1977 Euros in Jonkoping (Sweden). See above.